How to Clarify Your Message to Attract More Ideal Clients

Kelli Preston is that rare mix of web designer and wordsmith - an artist who can help you clarify your brand message both visually and verbally. I’m thrilled to have her here today to share how you can clarify your message and content to attract more of your ideal clients.

When you get clear on your ideal client and what words will work for them, you can use those phrases in your SEO, such as your:

clarify brand message

Clarify your message and connect deeply with more ideal clients


Your Ideal Client aka customer avatar - alright, who is she?  

Everyone talks about Ideal Clients like they are the holy grail to killing it in your business.

While that’s not entirely wrong, the whole notion behind customer avatar (and figuring out all of these details about her) feels a little useless if you don’t know how to use that information, so I’m going to help you out with exactly that.   

Who is that client you’re dying to attract?

Let’s figure out who she is in a way that allows you to know how to talk to her. In short, no customer avatar required! You do not need to know her financial status, her age, or what car she drives. This helps nothing.

What you do need to know is...

How does your ideal client love to be spoken to?

What language does she know? Meaning: does she have your connection to the words you use?

For example, imagine you use the following phrases because they’re a big part of the work you do. Does your ideal client know what you mean by “alignment”, “divine feminine”, “inflammation”, and/or “microbiome”? I’m not talking about the definition, but if she reaaaaallly understands them the way you do.

If you need a frame of reference on this, think about if you really understood the meaning before you were schooled. In short, speak to her like you wish someone would’ve spoken to you before you know what you now know.  


Now that you know HOW you’re going to speak to her, uncover WHAT you’re going to say to her - the 3 P's


1 | What possibility are you illuminating for her?  

Let’s say you specialize in leading moms to an uncluttered home. How are you showing the mom with toys in every corner and more clothes than closets that a minimalist life is available to her?

Possibly by:

  • Sharing your journey.

  • Demonstrating how you live this way despite a chaotic schedule and three kids under 5.

  • Highlighting clients who have been where she was.

  • Giving her digestible bits of info that she can put into action now.

  • Reminding her that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2 | What permission are you giving her?

Now that she sees the possibility (the light is starting to creep in), how are you showing up to offer her permission to keep exploring?

Keeping in line with the above example, permission could look like:

  • Highlighting your trials in life.

  • Showing how you are human just like her.

  • Offering why the hell not? Why can’t your sock drawer be organized despite a house full of tiny humans? Why can’t she get rid of that recliner from Aunt Patty despite no real room for it and the icky feelings it brings up?    

And finally...

3 | What plans are you providing for her?

Now that you’ve lit the flame, what’s the plan to keep it lit?

This is where your opt-in, free calls, posts with tips and tricks, and of course your services come in. You’re here with tangible solutions designed to get her feet moving in the direction of the end goal.  

That’s it!

Address the 3 P’s (Possibility, Permission, + Plans) and speak in words she really understands and you’ve got yourself buckets of content that converts for your blog, your website, and your social media endeavors.

Hey, I’m Kelli…

Kelli preston

I’m a thought translator, wordsmith, and digital designer.

I help female entrepreneurs get crazy clear on what their business is, who it’s for and how it all comes together, then I create a home for it through connectable writing and good looking website design. In short, I love uncovering what makes people tick and using it as fuel for creating a brand that feels like home.

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