SEO Strategy for Entrepreneurs + Small Business

Search. Engine. Optimization.

It sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it?


But it doesn’t have to be!

In fact, SEO is anything but—it’s not scary, it’s not a hack, and it’s not a marketing tactic.

SEO is your secret weapon. And I can show you how to wield it!

SEO targets the people who are already looking for YOU; you’re just making their job a little bit easier. And I can make your job a little bit (well, A LOT bit, actually) easier by showing you exactly how to do it—simply and authentically.

As a digital marketing strategist, specializing in SEO, I can work with you or a team member one-on-one to set your company up for content marketing success. Together, we will use highly-targeted keywords and strong content to attract highly-qualified leads (in other words, your people) to your site. Together, we will find the future clients who are already searching for a company like yours.



Monthly SEO Consultant Services

Monthly seo SUPPORT

Have an SEO + digital marketing specialist on hand.

Whether you need a dedicated SEO specialist for your growing company or want 1:1 training for a member of your team the Annual Digital Marketing Support plan may be the right fit for you.

Projects depend on a variety of factors such as blogging frequency, competition in your industry, whether you have internal support to help implementation, etc.

INVESTMENT: Prices range from $1875/mn - $3500/mn


Custom SEO Audit Quick Start Package


The SEO Audit + Jump Start is a unique combination of strategy, accountability, education + behind-the-scenes done-for-you support. Your audit and jump start will include a combination of:

  • Starts with a detailed discovery process: Client Discovery Questionnaire + Kick-off Session (~1-2 hours)

  • Custom SEO Audit (review of your current digital and SEO situation)

  • Development and presentation of your 3-month action plan

  • Done-for-you SEO Jump Start: competitor + keyword research, optimization of main navigation pages + blog posts, and recommendations to further improve SEO

  • Website + SEO reporting (with a holistic view of your digital stats)

  • Video sessions & email support

  • Behind-the-scenes help, research + more as needed

INVESTMENT: Prices range from $1,500-$5500. Payment plans available.


Katie Bressack Wellness Coach SEO Review.png


“Within a month my site traffic doubled and my organic site traffic was up too

I had more clients finding me through search, and I finally feel like my site is working for me. I will continue working with Danielle and can’t recommend her enough!”  

- Katie Bressack , Women’s Nutrition and Wellness Coach



SEO is one of the most highly-valuable marketing tools for your business.

(And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased, I swear.)

Amongst other things:

  • SEO aligns your goals with the goals of the web searcher

  • SEO tends to result in higher conversion rates

  • SEO lends credibility to your brand as you show up more in search results

That is, of course, if you do it right. And I can show you how!

Attract more of the right clients to grow your business easily and authentically through highly-targeted SEO.

Would you like my help doing it?  

Good! That’s exactly what I’m here for.

Kristin imber Seo review


“I’m so happy I invested in having Danielle work on my SEO and online marketing! 

In a short time, I’ve seen my website traffic grow exponentially and it continues to gain momentum with Danielle’s help.”  

- Kristin Imber, Wellness + Body Image Coach




Not ready for custom SEO services? You can still learn SEO basics to start laying a solid foundation, all on your own.

REQUIREMENTS: SEO for Solopreneurs is a self-paced course, but I highly recommend dedicating 6-12 hours to complete the course. Must have the self discipline and time to implement the SEO updates in order to see results.



Jen Lyker SEO ecourse Review

"Danielle's SEO course is fabulous! It's broken down into easily-doable sections, which was great if I only had 15 or 20 mins to listen at a time. The downloadable sheets are also handy for referring back to in the coming months.

After completing the course, I was able to sit down in an afternoon and knock out my keyword list, write my page titles, and modify my content. My understanding of on-page SEO strategy, mindset, and basic terminology is so much clearer now!

I'm excited to track my results when my new site launches, and I'm confident that I'll be able to make adjustments to improve my ranking based on what I learned in the course."

Jennifer Lyker, Wordpress designer & developer, Inksplash Designs



By investing in SEO, you’re investing in finding the people who need what you have to offer . . .

making it all the more likely that they’ll invest in you.

Don't see the right solution for your business above? Book a consulting session to talk about custom solutions. Schedule time on both of our calendars, and start connecting with your future dream clients today!