SEO Partnerships + Digital Collaborations

Who makes a good SEO partner?

  • Agencies missing an SEO expert on staff

  • Website designers + developers without the time or knowledge to tackle SEO

  • Creatives + marketers building bundles, courses or workshops

  • Podcasters + bloggers looking for interviewees and content contributors

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. That’s where I come in.

SEO for agencies, developers & designers


How many times has a client asked about SEO services, but you had nothing to offer? 

Meet your new SEO secret weapon. Now you can round out your service offerings by outsourcing your SEO needs to me.


I've partnered with a variety of website designers, developers, and advertising agencies for their SEO needs.


  • Jump start the SEO knowledge of your team with my DIY SEO basics course

  • Sell my SEO course to your clients and earn a delicious 50% commission

Add value to your business and get a leg up on the competition by adding SEO to your offering.

Contact me today to see how we can uplevel your offerings with SEO or download my Partner PDF below.

SEO Partnership for Agencies Developers & Designers


“I have dreaded hiring SEO consultants in the past because it seemed like an overly technical, not always effective dark art. Danielle put that association to rest by being refreshingly clear and open about her game plan from the very beginning. Even better, she followed through with tangible statistics and real results. Danielle is my go-to expert for tuning up websites and boosting traffic.”

- Rebecca Pollock, Website & Graphic Designer

seo outsourcing for designers and developers

SEO for courses & workshops

ECOURSEs, bundles + Masterclass COLLABORATION

Teaching a comprehensive digital marketing course or workshop, but missing SEO (a vital piece of the puzzle)?

Past partnerships have included contributing an SEO module to an agency's all-in-one website offering and a hosting a live guest-masterclass for a mastermind group.

Or if you're building a killer bundle (either for sale or for free), I can help there too. 

From contributing my entire SEO for Solopreneurs course to a free SEO quick-start guide, I've successfully partnered with several bundles to help grow audiences and build real relationships with other solopreneurs.



"I'm so grateful to Danielle for hosting an amazing SEO masterclass for my mastermind program -- the women were so excited and felt like they had such a better understanding of SEO. Danielle was able to transform SEO from a complicated, confusing mess in our brains into clear action steps that we could use to take our content and websites to the next level. She is an extremely competent teacher and speaker who cares deeply about the results her clients get and I'm so grateful to her."

- Nicole Liloia, Business Mentor

SEO Masterclass review

interviews, guest posts, & seo questions


Looking to interview me for your podcast or need a guest post for your blog? Or have some other crazy idea?

(The weirder the better, in my book! Let's get creative.)