Sunday Link Love: Yoga Directory, Vit D & Tax Tips

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The Best Sources For Vitamin D (That Aren't Sun)

Green Smoothie Pancakes

15 HEALTHY Smoothie Bowls

Wild Blueberry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

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7 Ways to Survey Your Audience

The Anatomy of an Effective Instagram Caption <-- Admittedly something I need to work on.

My Life Lately According to Instagram...

+ I've been busy exploring and getting adjusted to Pittsburgh, so if you're interested in travel shots or anything like that, take a look at my Instagram.

+ I welcomed on a ton of new clients the past two weeks who I'm very excited to work with.

+ Anyone else HATE tax time as a solopreneur? I've been buried in prep work.

I still can't do double unders, but I'm pretty pumped about my custom jump rope in coral + gray from @rxsmartgear anyway 😍

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Beautiful waterfall at McConnells Mill

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Looking out from inside a small cave under a waterfall.. so beautiful. 😍

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Ultimate a cave behind/under a waterfall. #caveselfie

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