Sunday Link Love: Writing eBooks, a Reset Button + Getting Fit {May 4}

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Ready to put your ideas into an ebook? These tips will make sure you write one that sells.

Don't panic. What to do if your blog content is stolen.

Ever wish you had a reset button? I can see a day like this in my near future!

I hate running, but would still love to do a Color Run. Who wants to join me? Here are some great tips to train for beginners like me.

"Our whole lives are relationships. So reach out and keep going in. If you have to choose between flying overseas to see your friends and painting the house this summer — choose your friends."

I love this motivational post about going after your dreams. "What do you need to do to make it happen? Turning a dream into reality requires a cocktail of action, risk, and trust."

Over-comitted and stressed out? Here's how to gracefully back out of a commitment.

I'm guilty of not changing my make-up from season to season. In fact, I hate wearing any foundation at all. What are your favorite make-up tips?

Everyone can use a dose of positivity. Here are 101 Inspiring Happiness Quotes.

My life lately according to Instagram...

  This is my work situation every day..

Spent last Sunday exploring Pensacola with a friend. I live around here and haven't explored much yet. Any recommendations if you live in or have visited the panhandle?

Hah! Had to get these.

Added some subtle ombre to my hair. What do you do when you need a change? (P.S. What is on my shirt? I'm betting it's an orb.)

I watched 6 seasons of Nurse Jackie this week. Now what do I do with my life? What should I watch next?


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