Stitch Fix Review 2 + Clothing Fails

In case you’re new to Stitch Fix*, here’s a quick run-down on how it works: Not all of my fixes have been great, but I continue to get them because the pieces I DO keep I find myself wearing the most. It helped me realize that I tend to wear the same few items over and over– the ones I invested a little more money in. I have a bad tendency to buy quantity over quality when it comes to clothing, so I have tons of cute cheap clothes that fall apart in less than a year.

With Stitch Fix, it’s like having a personal stylist and shopper. You get to choose the price range for each item, how often you want your fix and add specific notes for the fix. For example, for several fixes I’ve requested dresses for specific occasions.

Your fix also comes with photo ideas for how to wear the items (with clothes you may already own.)

The details:

  • $20 styling fee upfront, but you get to deduct this from the items you decide to keep
  • set a schedule for your fixes (like monthly) or schedule as the mood strikes
  • set up a detailed style profile + include twitter and Pinterest links (gives your stylist a better idea of your personality)
  • choose the price range you’re willing to spend for each category
  • 25% discount if you buy all 5 items
  • 3 days to decide which items to keep
  • the shipping is free to return any unwanted items
  • $25 for each person you refer

I recently received my second fix from Stitch Fix and was pretty disappointed. I had given them as many details as possible, such as "no gold detail" on the purse and to send a pair of shorts that weren't too short. I'm not sure if there was a miscommunication or what, but I didn't like anything I received. My stylist regurgitated my requests in her note, like "no gold detail," but yet the purses still had gold detail...

I sent everything back. Since I spent $20 for the styling fee, I could have gotten at least one item for next to nothing, but I knew I wouldn't use anything. They sent an email apologizing and made some recommendations, like to update my Pinterest style board.

From reading other reviews and listening to friends describe their experiences, it sounds like the fixes get better the more you try them. That makes sense. This was only my second fix, so there wasn't much to go on. So despite being disappointed, I'll definitely be getting more! I already wear the items from my first fix all the time.

Here's what I received for my second Stitch Fix:

Salmon/pinkish top with long white shorts. They took my request for shorts that weren't "too short" a little too seriously. They fit great, but weren't what I was looking for. The shirt was okay, but I wasn't in love with it.

I guess navy and that salmon color are what Stitch Fix recommends for me. The shirt was different than I would ever pick, but I think I would have kept it if it wasn't so boxy. It looked worse in person than it does in that picture.

stitch fix style card
stitch fix style card

My style card and the two purses I received. The white one is okay but still not my style.

I still love my first box from Stitch Fix and will be trying a third fix at some point. Here are some outfits I've created with the items from my first box:

Pinkish skinny jeans with a purple top and my floral rain boots + that navy lace dress with a maroon sweater.


Interested in trying Stitch Fix? Check it out here* and sign up with my referral code.View my third fix from Stitch Fix here. It's much better!

If you work from home, do you opt for comfortable clothes or do you still get fully dressed? What are your favorite trends and colors this spring/summer?


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