Stitch Fix Review 3: Shopping for Body Shape

Stitch Fix Overview
Stitch Fix Overview

My third Stitch Fix came on my birthday. I was nervous because my 2nd fix was disappointing, but I also couldn't help but be excited.

I had left a long, rambling comment for my next stylist. I included what I didn't like about the last fix (shirts weren't flattering) and ideas for this fix. I wanted teal skinny jeans and a sweater with patch elbows that I had seen other Stitch Fixers receive. I had also found this studded shirt on Pinterest, so I added it to my Style Board.

This fix was pretty good! Here's what I got:

1 + 2. White blouse with copper/gold studs + teal skinny jeggings: I love this shirt! I usually don't like gold details, but these were more like a matte gold or light coppery type color. It also had a nice shape to it because it still dipped in at the waist a little. The teal jeans were very cute but a little too tight.

3. Purple dot sleeveless lattice blouse: I probably wouldn't have chosen this on my own, but it was actually really cute. It fit okay, but was a little shapeless. It was also over $70, so I didn't keep it.

4. Orange + navy striped racerback tank: I guess navy blue is my color, because Stitch Fix always sends me some navy. They also send me orange or salmon every time. So, I'll keep that in mind. The shape of this tank was horrible, though. I didn't get a good side view, but the front is shorter than the back and it has no shape.

5. Sweater/blouse combo short sleeved shirt: I loved the colors of this shirt! It was definitely unique, and I would have kept it if the shape was a little better. I like loose shirts, but I need a little more shape to it or I look like a big rectangle.

I ended up only keeping the studded white blouse. I would have kept the teal skinny jeans if they had fit, but that's okay. I'll either find a pair somewhere else or go without, because let's face it, teal skinny jeans aren't exactly a necessity.

Lessons from this fix: Stop asking for loose fitting shirts. I'm generally disappointed, so I will need to find a better way to describe what I want. I'm still not sure which styles are best on me, either. I was hoping to have a better idea of how to shop for my body shape by this point, but I'm only slightly closer. My body is long and lean, so I need to wear things that accentuate /create more curves. The white shirt worked better because it has a curved shape to it.

Side note- I really need to get a nice camera and a tripod so I can take my own photos. I feel bad asking my fiance to do it, so I rush and then they turn out crummy. These are truly terrible photos, sorry!

Interested in having your very own personal stylist send clothes to your doorstep? Try Stitch Fix here*. It's been a lot of fun so far, even if I haven't loved every piece.

How do you shop for your body shape?


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