Sunday Link Love: Saving Animals & a BIG Health + Blogging Roundup {Sept v1}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

80 Reasons to Exercise How was I not already following Brittany? Great blog!

Managing Anxiety: 5 Steps to Open Your Mind and Calm Your Heart

3 Tips For Letting Go Of Control and Relaxing Into The Flow “You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~Steve Maraboli

The Beauty Product All Runners Need "When you're applying your sunscreen, or moisturizer with SPF, ensure that you don't forget the front and back of your neck, ears and décolletage. Not only are these usually just as exposed as your face, but they will really show signs of aging in later life."

All-Day Habits For a Better Night's Sleep

A big, luscious life comes from small, daily actions

How to celebrate people who make you angry

How To Be A Grown Ass Woman: Friendships

How to Survive the “In-Between” "We spend our entire lives in the waiting room. We live in the constant state of the “in-between”. We are constantly on hold, just anticipating the next thing, the next season, the next step." This is something I'm actively trying to change. I spent too much of my life like this.

What Staring At The Screen Is Doing To Your Eyes 

The lively show: achieving full life integration with kristoffer carter (this epic life) If you're not listening to The Lively Show, you're missing out. Everyone should listen to this episode, though!


Food + Nutrition
How I Spend $100 A Week on 100% Organic Groceries For Two People - See more at:

5 Weird Signs That You're Vitamin-Deficient

The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition [infographic]

Spirulina: One of the Best Protein Sources You Probably Aren't Eating

Easy Prep Gluten Free Meal Ideas and Pantry Staples

Sweet Potato Energy Bites

Fermented Turmeric Tonic recipe

15 Ways To Use Mason Jars In The Kitchen I'm a big fan of mason jars for smoothies, storage, and just about everything else.

9 Ways to Help Your Guy Eat Healthier, Without Sounding Like a Nag

All Hail Kale! 10 Salad Recipes You Can't Help but Love

Fat 101: The Good, The Bad, The Complicated


Blogging + Entrepreneurship

A Helpful “Secret” for Job Hunting Okay, so this one isn't about entrepreneurship, but it's a great post!

Design Basics Every Blogger Should Know

How to Blog and Work 9-5

10 Vital WordPress Security Tips

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers And Likes

How to Use Content Themes to Make Blogging a Snap

7 Ways to Work Better… By Working Less

6 Unorthodox Ways to Spark Your Creativity

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

How We Make Money: Revenue Streams for This Online Business It's always interesting to see how bloggers + online businesses make their money. I love when people are transparent and willing to help others.

15 Sexy and Simple Multimedia Tools to Boost Your Visual Content

The Creative Manifesto: Why We Need to Create

13 Things I Learned From Earning Over 1 Million Dollars In My Business Over 5 Years

How to Guest Post on Blogs: The Complete Guide

Are You Cultivating Knowledge, or Just Consuming Information?


35 Quotes for the 20something Soul

animal rescue

Exotic animal rescue sanctuary needs community’s help to rebuild after fire My friend's family owns this exotic animal sanctuary that recently suffered a devastating fire. Please help if you can!


Work Out Tops: I've been on the hunt for cute work out clothes lately, and I like to support other health entrepreneurs.

These came back in stock so I ordered one asap :

Here's another cute tank top I found:

yoga junkie tshirt


Share other cute work out / yoga clothing options in the comments!

My Life Lately...

PA Summer Trip


+ Just spending time with my adorable niece.

+ Enjoying the beautiful PA weather and working outside when possible. I miss being surrounded by nature!

+ 3 kittens needed rescuing, so I set Anthony up to help. If you ever need a kitten (or any animal) to be saved, he's your man. I just hope he doesn't name them and sneak them back with us.



What are your favorite links from the week?

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