Sunday Link Love: Mind Mapping, Affordable Stock Photos + Winter Self-Care

The past two weeks included a trip to California, another round of The Imperfect Boss campaign, and a busy week trying to catch up on emails. On my mind... With all of that going on, the idea of the entrepreneurial "hustle" and finding the right flow in my business have been weighing heavily on my mind. You can read more of my personal feelings on hustling in the first Instagram post below. I'd love to know your thoughts in a blog comment or Instagram comment!

What I'm loving... I can't get enough of The Lively Show podcast and the direction Jess is going with flow, intention, energy, quantum mechanics, etc. It's so fascinating! What podcast are you loving lately?

Now, on to this week's round up!

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» I had never heard of Peek User Testing before but thanks to this great list of must-have business tools by Studio Krystal I will definitely be checking out.

» I've heard people mention mind mapping but haven't had the opportunity to test it out yet. The visual organization aspect of it looks really helpful.

» Like I always say when you feel your best, you'll do your best! These ideas will help you to fight the winter blues and prepare for spring.

» There's a lot of confusion surrounding how to best use categories and tags on your blog. I haven't found a post that explains it exactly how I view it, but this one comes really close.

» If you're an introvert, you can still be an excellent entrepreneur and have a social media personality.

» I love lists, organization tips, and this post is PERFECT.

» Want to monetize your blog but not sure what to believe? This post breaks down popular myths about making money from blogging.

» #1 and #3 are the biggest business habits I'm trying to break this year. Which ones are you working on?

» Having great images is SO important for your online presence, but you don't have to break the bank to create them. Also, check out this great guide on where to find free or inexpensive styled stock photography.

My life lately according to Instagram...
Today's confession is something I've been feeling A LOT lately but struggle to put into words. ..Honestly? I'm over the word "hustle" for entrepreneurs. Scrolling through IG and seeing the term has started filling me with anxiety. . That's not to say there's anything wrong with "hustling" or the people who are inspired by the term. Running a business requires it, for sure! It's my own perfectionist issues that cause the anxiety. It triggers feelings of not DOING enough or BEING enough. I immediately start mentally listing all the things I haven't done yet or could improve... . I'm still working to find that balance between making sacrifices to run my business and taking care of myself in the process. I think it all comes back to self-awareness and finding what works for each of us. Since "hustle" doesn't sit well with me, I'm starting to learn more about flow states and energy (my latest fascination) and accepting that there's no finish line. I'd love to know how you all feel about the trend of "hustle!"

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It's time for #TheImperfectBoss campaign again! Guys, I am STILL recovering from my trip last week. So if you're waiting for an email from me, I promise I'll get to it soon...but in the meantime, this is me soaking up the unseasonably warm weather and struggling to stay awake...Balancing my energy is always the hardest part of running my business. Being an introvert doesn't mean I say no to things like giving presentations... I just have to plan some time off afterward. I dont always do the best job of that, sadly... -------- Who else can relate?

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What if it didn't have to be perfect? Whatever you're working on.... the website launch, the blog post, the email to someone you've been dying to work with...What if, instead of agonizing over making it perfect, you just got it done and put it out into the world? How much closer could you get to your goals? How much mental energy would be freed up to work on other projects? Does the (potential) criticism REALLY outweigh getting it done + moving on?

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