18 No-Nonsense Ways to Skyrocket Business Growth

The solopreneurial life can get lonely and tough. In fact, it’s often a roller coaster, but with great rewards & lessons along the way. That’s why it’s important to forget the fantasy, like private jets and buying your own island and decide what success really means for you.

I want you to take a moment to stop the hamster wheel and imagine how your next level of success would feel. Think about what would be easier, simpler, smoother. How would a typical day, week, or month look?

Which tools, people, processes or knowledge do you need to start putting in place to get there?

Because it IS possible to achieve with realistic goals which still stretch you and grow your business.

In this post, I’m going to talk about why it’s hard to succeed as a solopreneur, what can make it easier, and give you the lowdown on an exciting offer…

18 no-nonsense ways to skyrocket business growth + 4 reasons why it's hard to succeed as a solopreneur

4 reasons why it’s hard to succeed as a solopreneur

Since taking part in (and sponsoring) #theimperfectboss campaign, and from my own and my clients’ experiences, I think it really comes down to 4 major issues – lack of:

A. Time B. Connection C. Working capital D. Strategic knowledge

A | Lack of time

This is a major issue for us all. We have so many amazing ideas; obligations to our clients, family & friends (who we love); and our to-do lists are endless – even when you complete a project there’s still one more Tweet, email, post, comment, analysis, triple-check, thing you could do!

My battle against overwhelm is REAL. As I’m sure it is for you, too.

B | Lack of connection

There are different types of connections – you may be struggling with networking, finding the right people, or feeling lonely.

Or it could be your messaging that’s not working, for example, sales copy which isn’t converting or program ideas which aren’t delivering the kinds of solutions your ideal clients really want (even though your skillset is amazing).

C | Lack of working capital, AKA cash

If your profits are paltry, clients don’t pay on time &/or you’re barely surviving – you’re not alone! Lots of solopreneurs have cashflow issues.

Or if you're just getting started, there are so many things to invest in, from a website to headshot photos. So funds can quickly get spread thin.

Even if you’re profitable, getting on top of the messy/boring/yucky parts of your business can be all kinds of stressful, frustrating, ugly-cry-inducing, but it’s not impossible.

Do you stick your head in the sand when it comes to this side of your business?

D | Lack of strategic knowledge

Some of us are often so busy on the treadmill, we don’t even realize this problem!

If you’ve heard the phrase “stop working in your business, work ON your business”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This has been one of my biggest hurdles, and I continue to struggle even five years into my business.

There are so many things to learn and master when it comes to marketing my business, on top of staying educated in my specialty of SEO. It can certainly be overwhelming.

Though it’s hard to press pause on the daily grind, making time for strategy is vital to your success.

But there’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to find the strategic knowledge you need to reach your next level of success.

Christina, founder of One Woman Shop (OWS) + Sara, OWS content editor and co-conspirator, have curated an incredible Solopreneur Success Bundle* with programs from 18 business owners – and I’m honored to be included!

Solopreneur success is calling your name!

The bundle was only available from the 18th – 22nd September 2017, BUT there are still crazy-valuable lessons we can learn from each hand-picked solopreneur who was included. (If you missed out on the bundle, keep an eye out next year!)

18 steps you can take to achieve solopreneur success

While a single step could make a big difference to your business, taking a cohesive approach together with a longer-term outlook, the elements below could be the secret to your success. 

Each item on the original list pointed to a product in the (from each of the amazing, heart-centered solopreneur contributors).

Though the deeply discounted 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle has ended, many of the programs are still available individually. Plus, each tip on it's own will help you get a jump start on mastering your business growth!

For now, why not choose just ONE of the below business growth items to tackle this week?

  1. Tame the beast that is your inbox & bring back inner peace - check out Inbox Anxiety and hop on the email list for a few free scripts to save you time and energy

  2. Be able to explain what it is you do in a direct & clear manner (in moments) - check out Rebecca Tracey's free resources and blog for tips on business clarity

  3. Ensure your brand looks premium by use gorgeous styled stock photos - check out options like Creative Convex and Haute Stock

  4. Nurture your email list until it flourishes - Meera Kothand is my favorite resource for email list growth & automation tips!

  5. Design a blueprint to hire the right help first time - check out Sprout HR for super helpful templates

  6. Harness social media to attract and convert your ideal clients - with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram

  7. Vanquish financial woes – organize your accounts, increase your cashflow and profits

  8. Manage your business with more ease and less stress  - Think Creative Collective has a low-cost course for Trello or check out one of my favorites, Asana

  9. Ensure you’re up to code and figure out your legal roadmap - check out Annette Stepanian's contract templates to get started

  10. Master workflow automation to build a virtual VA and take back your day

  11. Generate a profitable e-course idea which your audience actually wants

  12. Create premium graphics for your next launch with professionally-designed templates - Canva and Designsta* are two of my favorite resources for brand-consistent graphics

  13. Organize your content strategy + publishing systems like a pro

  14. Brew barista-level coffee at home for easy & tasty caffeine hits to keep you going - (essential building block of business, right?)

  15. Figure out how to stay sane and achieve a work/life balance

  16. Accomplish more each day with customized productive systems + processes

  17. Experience higher conversions with landing pages & sales pages which sell - check out my favorite resource for quickly creating beautiful landing page , Leadpages*

  18. Transform your lagging web traffic into a client-attracting, cash-generating machine using SEO - get started with my free 6 day SEO challenge


*Disclaimer: I am a proud affiliate for One Woman Shop’sSolopreneur Success Bundle. I’ll receive a small commission which helps support my free offerings. I only use affiliate programs for products and services I know and trust.

18 no nonsense ways to skyrocket business growth