Sunday Link Love: How to Grow Your Email List, Website Psychology & Pricing Strategy

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  The links are very, very rarely affiliate links, but if any are, you'll see an * beside the link. Along with sharing my recent favorites, it's also a way for me to keep an extra-personal touch to my blog. Social media is great, but my blog is still my home base!

Anticipating... I've spent the past two days moving my SEO for Solopreneurs ecourse to the Teachable platform. I'm loving the features so far and excited to start offering an affiliate program for the course! More details coming soon.

Loving... Cooler weather and a few sunny days in Pittsburgh this week. Working outside and even having a client meeting outside were highlights of my week.

Reading... I've been listening to the audio book The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins while running the past few weeks. It's a super simple idea but has already made an impact on motivating me to do things I don't want to do (like running).

Watching... Since I've had a lot of late nights working on tedious projects (like moving my course to a new platform) I've zoomed through a bunch of Netflix series the past week.

Any recommendations for shows that are good to have on for some background entertainment while doing tasks like that?

Now on to this week's round up!

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.   Great reads this week including how to book your 1st online coaching client, improve your copy with swipeable phrases

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

» We're constantly being told how important growing our email list is. But the question is: how? Allison from Wonderlass is sharing her excellent 7 strategies she uses to get over 3K subscribers each month.

» Speaking of subscribers, what happens once they sign up for your newsletter? How do you keep them coming back for more? How do you build that relationship with them? Don't miss this post on 14 ways to take your newsletter from half-ass to bad-ass.

» Workflows. Love 'em or hate 'em they can make your business runner smoother -- giving you more time to focus and work on the projects that will move your business forward. Creating work flows doesn't have to be hard. A good place to start is creating a client workflow template.

»Last time I mentioned my recent photo shoot with Porter Loves Photography for some headshots and branding images (excited to share some of those with you soon!). But as introvert putting myself in front of the camera isn't always easy. These great tips from Kate for preparing for your first photo shoot will definitely help you get into your comfort zone.

» Writing compelling copy for your website, blog, social media captions and newsletter is key to building a relationship with your readers and potential clients. These 16 swipeable phrases to energize your copywriting and help you make sales!

» Understanding how our brains interact with what we see online is vital. In fact, Melissa shares the 7 interesting ways psychology affects your website.

» One of the biggest struggles when starting your business as a freelancer can be deciding your pricing strategy. Should you charge hourly? By project? Or retainers? Here are the pros and cons of using the different rates.

» It's no secret that I graduated with a health coaching certificate which a huge reason I love working with health & wellness professionals. By helping them reach more people, I'm also helping others lead healthier lives. Evolve + Succeed is sharing 3 simple steps on how to get your first online coaching client.

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