38 Ways to Simplify Your Life + Feel More Peaceful

We've all heard "less is more," but it's a powerful little statement when put to the test. After completing a "get rid of 100 things challenge" recently, I realized simplifying can, and should, be applied to many other aspects in life. I've also found that the more I simplify, the easier and more refreshing it becomes. I run my business from my home and noticed a connection between my physical environment and my mental state and productivity. This was the biggest motivator to get started. Once I started, I didn't want to stop. It soon went from "do I need these items in my home," to "how can I streamline my business?" and "who can I hire who actually enjoys doing this task?"

Here are just a few ideas you can simplify your life:

  1. Declutter your home. Start with one room at a time and make piles for: sell, donate, recycle and throw out. When you have less stuff cluttering up your home, you'll spend less time cleaning and will feel more mental space open up.
  2. Declutter AGAIN. It will be easier the second time around, and you'll be more accustomed to asking yourself, "Do I really need this?" and "Does someone else need this more than I do?"
  3. Simplify your body care routine. Can one item serve multiple purposes? For example, I use coconut oil as a makeup remover, face lotion and body lotion.
  4. Plan your errands to save time. Avoid high traffic areas and times of day if possible.
  5. Plan your meals and prep food on Sundays (or whichever day is best for you). You'll save time and have healthy food on hand.
  6. Plan your day and batch similar tasks together.
  7. Make your own cleaning products. You'll be surprised how many things you can clean with vinegar, baking soda and dish soap.
  8. If you have multiple pets, take them to the vet at the same time. Most vets will offer a discount.
  9. Invest in people, software, etc. to do the tasks you absolutely hate. You'll save mental energy in addition to time.
  10. Put things away when you're done with them or take 10 minutes at the end of each day to tidy up.
  11. When you take your clothes off, either hang them up or put them in a (sorted) laundry basket.
  12. Limit time on social media networks.
  13. Take time away from technology. Reconnect with nature and yourself.
  14. Develop a nighttime and a morning routine.
  15. Stop multi-tasking. You'll be more efficient if you focus on one task.
  16. Live intentionally and examine your goals often. What do you really want to achieve? How do you want to feel?
  17. Put more thought into each item you purchase.
  18. Learn when and how to say no. Respect your time. twitter icon
  19. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  20. Automate your bills, opt for paperless billing and do as much banking online as possible.
  21. Organize your digital files and auto-backup your hard drive.
  22. Take a few minutes to unsubscribe from all emails you don't need, or use a program like unroll.me. Those 40% emails are tempting, but that's part of the problem.
  23. Separate work from home life if possible. Stop checking your work emails from your phone.
  24. Check email at designated times, like twice per day.
  25. Exercise and eat healthfully. Both of these will give you more energy, thought clarity and save you time and money dealing with health issues.
  26. Leave a time window around your commitments for decompressing and unanticipated issues.
  27. Use something like Evernote to keep all of your ideas, lists, business cards, etc. in one place.
  28. Use the cloud to eliminate USB drives, emailing things to yourself, etc.
  29. Keep your kitchen clutter-free and inviting so you're more likely to cook.
  30. Keep your cell phone, laptop, exercise equipment, etc. out of the bedroom so it's a clear relaxation and sleep zone.
  31. Spend time volunteering. It will make you appreciate what you have.
  32. Stop being busy for the sake of being busy. Take time for yourself and learn to relax. twitter icon
  33. Ask others for help and delegate when it makes sense. Instead of splitting chores 50/50, talk about which person is better or enjoys which tasks the most.
  34. Don't shop unless you need something and avoid buying things that aren't on your list.
  35. Start a gratitude practice. At the end of each day, write down 3 things you're grateful for.
  36. Try things before you buy them. You can get numerous cookbooks from the library or borrow something from a friend.
  37. Focus on experiences. One of my favorite simple quotes is, "Collect moments, not things." -Aarti Khurana.
  38. Let go of guilt and embrace forgiveness.

Which are your favorite ways to simplify? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.