Vision Board Friday: Live Less Out of Habit + More Out of Intent

"Live less out of habit and more out of intent." Intentional living has become important to me over the past two years. I value being able to listen to my gut and make decisions with purpose. Everything from the direction of business to buying clothes can be decided with intention and purpose.

Start questioning WHY as much as possible. Are you making this decision with how you want to feel in mind? or with a specific goal? Or are you just doing what feels easy and familiar?

Take a few minutes to check out my favorite intentional blogger, Jess Lively. She is full of inspiration!


Danielle Zeigler

I'm Danielle, an SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist on a mission to help creatives and entrepreneurs harness their strengths, personality, and energy to easily + authentically market their work to exactly the people who need it.
I specialize in SEO and content marketing as ways to attract clients TO you. I'm extremely introverted, so I'm allll about the inbound marketing!