The Value of Transparency + Easing Up (+ a call for guest bloggers)

Over the past three weeks I've been in a major transition period. I uprooted my life and moved back to Pennsylvania...alone. So without getting into too much detail, I'll just say it's been a whirlwind change. With a little guidance from my mentor Dr. Danielle Dowling + listening to my gut, I forged ahead and know this was the right decision. A few realizations came to mind in the midst of these changes. First, I was open and honest with clients about what I was going through. Not for sympathy, but for transparency and understanding. I couldn't juggle the work + the huge (somewhat sudden) move, so I had to take some time off. They were all receptive and many responded with "been there, done that, let me know how I can help."

It can be a tricky situation as a business owner when you're trying to remain professional, but still want to be honest with your clients. However, you can still own up to your situation without crossing any boundaries. One of my main business values is honesty, so that's what I stick with.

Another interesting thing has happened. I took some time off + have been reconnecting with friends and family since I've been up here. Instead of filling my weekends and evenings with work, I've been going to wineries, trying new yoga classes and attending birthday parties.

However, I quickly noticed an influx of new client consultations. As tempting as it was to take it all on at once, I spaced the consultations out over the next month. I can't help but feel like there is a connection there. I stopped resisting certain aspects of my life, and other opportunities arose.

When you're open and receptive, you'll notice more opportunities coming your way. twitter icon

So I will be easing up for the time being. Danielle Dowling has posted a series over the past few weeks on how to "have it all," and it's opened my eyes to the necessity of changing my focus. I will be focusing on recharging + refilling my 'creative bucket.' In order to speed up, we need to slow down.

In order to best serve clients, my own creative tank and health need to be full.


With that all being said, I will be accepting guest posts over the next few months. I am interested in topics ranging from holistic health to entrepreneurship (best if you can combine them!). Please shoot me an email at danielle [at] if you want to be introduced to my 6000+ monthly readers.



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