Work-Life Balance: Finding a "Home-Base"

The idea of balance has been haunting me for a few years now. I tend to go from one extreme to another. I'll feel overwhelmed with too much work then bored with not enough. I'll feel anxious about socializing then feel very lonely. I'll feel very inspired and motivated then listless and lethargic.

I think it has to do more with understanding my personality and needs than it has to do with true "balance." I'm still learning how to manage my extremely introverted nature.

Work-life balance, and balance overall, is about balancing energy. But you have to know what truly drains you in more than just the physical sense.

Everyone's idea of balance is different. It is possible to work 60 hour weeks and still be happy or sacrifice money to work part time and be there for your family. You can think of it in terms of what's important to you, but that might get muddled by what you think SHOULD be important to you. Remove any guilt and really dig deep.

Does writing for your blog and inspiring clients make you come alive? Does the thought of a new book and a comfy night at home sound more appealing than a night out? Maybe you don't like the job you have during the day, but your side gig keeps you going. This is all okay.

Spend a week {at least} really paying attention to what gives you energy and what drains it. Make a list so you can consult it when you're starting to feel burnt out, frazzled and alone. It could be as simple as incorporating your favorite yoga class more often or scheduling in a night every week with friends.

Once you know what drains you and inspires you (gives you energy), come up with ideas and ways for you to return to your own personal "center."  Your life doesn't need to be balanced all the time. Just know when and how to return so you don't get burnt out. You'll create your best work when you know how to manage your energy.

How do you return to home-base and re-center yourself?