Sunday Link Love: Best Sites for Solopreneurs + Buying Self-Confidence {May v1}

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You Can't Buy Self-Confidence (But Boy, Have I Tried) "You can't buy self-confidence and self-worth. ....But there are a lot of products that are artfully designed and marketed to make you believe that you can."

The answer to… pretty much every question, ever. <--so, so true!

You Are Not Responsible For Other People's Happiness

10 Truths About Real Love (It’s Not Always Like the Movies)

This Yoga Sequence Will Loosen Up Insanely Tight Hamstrings I definitely need this ^^ After traveling in a car and not working out much, my hips and hamstrings are ridiculously tight.

Less Selfies, More Us-ies <--Love, love, LOVE this!

The Secret to a Happy Life

Why Ambivalence Might Be the Key to Your Success


Food + Nutrition

Summer's Delicious Flat-Belly Secret: These 7 Debloating Foods Nobody likes to feel bloated, right?

A Week of Grab and Go Meals

Easy and Healthy Roasted Broccoli

Blogging + Entrepreneurship

A No Fuss Formula For Pricing Services

75 Ways To Market Your Business On A Small Budget

9 Smart FB Groups for Entrepreneurs

When Is the Best Time to Be Creative? [Infographic]

9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats

Photography Tutorial Roundup

How I Allowed Fear To Ruin My First Business

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

How I Grew My Twitter Following by 476% in 3 Months

WordPress vs Squarespace: The Ultimate Showdown of the Pros, Cons, and Making a Decision

How to Build Inbound Links the White Hat Way

5 Bloggers That Increased Their Blog Traffic


My Life Lately According to Instagram....

+ Dealing with some big changes the past few weeks. I've relocated to Pennsylvania and am happy to be back around family!


Virginia is for lovers.

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Baby selfie from this weekend! So happy to see this little buggie. ♡♡

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Tell me one thing you're grateful for from this week!


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