The Road to Solopreneur Success (+a can't-miss business ebook bundle sale!)

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The Road to Solopreneur Success

What area(s) of your business do you struggle with most and what do you plan on changing?

Around two years into my business I started thinking about hiring an assistant. I've hired a few subcontractors here and there, but now at nearly three years in, it's becoming more urgent. It can be very challenging to give up control of something you've built from the ground up.

I've been working on an audit of what I do every day and within my business so I can pinpoint my weakest areas and delegate those out, as well as streamline repetitive tasks. Included in the weakest areas are also things that I just don't feel energized doing.

For example, while I love writing, certain projects drain my energy, so I've started working with a copywriter on some of these projects. I also have a developer to help out with the more technical things that I just honestly don't want to take the time to figure out.

While being a one woman shop is a wonderful thing, it's okay to get help when you need it. Hire the coach, invest in the e-course, or delegate your weakest areas to others who excel in them.

I also struggle with work-life balance. It doesn't exist in a consistent way that people might imagine, but give-and-take is definitely necessary.

I've started implementing "no-work-weekends." If I feel a little overwhelmed on Friday before 5pm-ish, I'll make an organized to-do list to get started with on Monday. Then I try to disconnect as much as possible. I find myself more energized and productive on Monday mornings this way.

What area(s) of your business are you excelling at most and how did you get there?

I have a solid client base of amazing women right now. I've built most of my client base from referrals from current or previous clients, offering flexible/customizable service plans + providing helpful content on my blog. It took consistent work and attention to detail with each client to get here.

As mentioned above I'm at a point where I need to start hiring help and I also have some big, slightly change-of-direction plans for the upcoming months.

I'm far enough into my business where I have a better idea of what I want to work on most. A business like this is ever-changing, but after some time you start to figure out what works best for you and your tribe.

When I started I offered both business coaching + holistic health coaching. While I still incorporate the importance of health in entrepreneurship, I haven't offered health coaching for quite some time. This was mostly a demand-based decision, but also just a natural evolution as I wanted to get more involved in helping other coaches reach more people.

One of the best parts of running my business so far has been the relationships I've formed with my clients, my tribe, other entrepreneurs / bloggers. It sounds a little cliche maybe, but it's been so true. It's important to keep the mindset of community over competition. We all bring different strengths to the table, so we can do amazing things if we work together and support one another.


Solopreneur Success Bundle

The Solopreneur Success Bundle is your one-stop shop for the some of the best resources out there that will unlock your potential as a solo business owner and lead you to greater success.

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What You'll Get

Amanda Genther - Creative Biz Kickstart e-course (Retail value: $75)

  • A 16-lesson (45 page) crash-course on all things creative business basics: branding, clients + offerings, marketing + time management, and goal setting.

Amber McCue - How to Clone Yourself e-course (Retail value: $149)

  • A 4-week, DIY workshop that shows the exasperated, drowning, overstressed, overworked, overtaxed business owner how to make more time for yourself and how to make more money for yourself… without making more work for yourself.

Ash Beaudin/Firework People - 14 Day Journaling Prompts (Retail value: $25)

  • A 14-day email course for visionary women who are doing their dreams and want to connect with their hearts to process what is going on in their inner world.

Ashley Brooks - The Self-Editing Handbook (Retail value: $12)

  • The ultimate DIY-editing guide for bloggers and writers who are serious about producing excellent content but don't have the budget to hire a pro.

Carrie Smith - Solopreneur Finances e-course (Retail value: $79)

  • Over 12 lessons you'll learn how to get organized, simplify the financial obstacles of being a business owner, and find what works for you so you can manage money on your terms.

Coach Jennie - Coaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp (Retail value: $250)

  • A self-paced online program packaged and templated to shorten your learning curve on building a coaching biz.

Electric Empire/Anna Long - BetaLab e-course (Retail value: $97)

  • The self paced ecourse that will help you create and test your services so they can stop being ideas in your head and become real life money makers instead.

Halley Gray (Evolve + Succeed) - Supercharged Sales Pages e-course (Retail value: $197)

  • A self-paced e-course that shows you how to write sales pages that sell in seconds.

Hey Shenee - Price Anything (Retail value: $25)

  • A video workshop guiding you through the process of finding your own price, with a guide for beta testing your next thing and insights on how much money you’ll make this year.

Indigo Colton - Your Ultimate VA Crash Course (Retail value: $14)

  • A step-by-step e-book to walk you through determining if you're ready for a VA, how to find potential VA's, what to ask in the interview, and what happens after you've hired your VA.

Jac McNeil - Solopreneur Sojourn (Retail value: $179)

  • A self-guided, digital retreat kit for your business.

Lisa Jacobs - Shop Fundamentals ebook (Retail value: $15)

  • An ebook and corresponding workbook to help you turn your online shop into an SEO-optimized, engaging place where visitors turn into paying customers.

Marianne Manthey - Blog Beautiful ebook (Retail value: $24)

  • A self-paced course to hold your hand every step of the way from blog ugly to blog lovely.

Michelle Nickolaisen - The Freelance Planner (digital) (Retail value: $15)

  • The first (undated!) planner designed specifically for freelancers, helping train you into better business and productivity habits as you use it.

One Woman Shop - Building Your Online Community e-course (Retail value: $49)

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Sara Frandina Copywriting + One Woman Shop - Kickstart Your Content (Retail value: $29)

  • Blog content strategy for newbies + stalled pros who want a strategy behind their blog and the kickstart they need to get it in motion.

Sarah Morgan - Create. Profit. Party! ebook (Retail value: $29)

  • A start-from-scratch guide to creating passive income, so you can build products and programs that will not only be valuable to your audience and enhance what you’re already putting out there, but also allow you to work less.

Shannon Mattern - The WP+BFF Wordpress Starter Kit (Retail value: $97)

  • Guide to everything you need to do (and DON'T need to do) to get your WordPress site done FAST.

YouCanBook.Me - 6-month Premium Subscription (Retail value: $144)

  • Makes booking time online easy, efficient and leaves you free to get on with running your business without the scheduling headaches.

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