Book Review: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I've been eying the new release, #GIRLBOSS, for weeks, but finally picked it up after joining The Glitter Collective's monthly book club. I was very excited to find a book club specifically for bloggers and female entrepreneurs! Sophia Amoruso takes us through her journey as a rebellious teen, angsty young adult and driven 20-something as she built Nasty Gal, a company now worth millions. In her early 20s she started selling vintage clothing in an ebay shop. She spent every waking moment perfecting her shop and learning what her buyers loved. Her dedication and passion turned into the wildly successful business it is today within 6 short years. Sophia is very relatable and real as she gives her business and life advice- everything from staying weird to how much money you should be saving.

I checked the ebook out of the library the same night I joined the book club and devoured it by the next evening. It's a fast read that kept me entertained and inspired. It made me think of the basic drive we all share as entrepreneurs. It's so much more than building businesses and selling ideas. It's that feeling of flow or getting in the zone when working on a new project. That unstoppable desire to bring your ideas to life.

There were a few general themes that stuck out to me. She talks about being confident, competing with yourself rather than others, saving your money and being open to outcomes you may not have foreseen (or been aiming for). Sophia mentions that it's often not about the clothing, but about how you wear it. If you're comfortable and confident, others will be able to tell. I love how she mentions numerous times that focusing your attention on other people, your competition or just negativity in general won't help you. I love this quote, "There’s no karmic law that dictates your business will succeed if others fail, so why not just wish them well and get on with it?”  As bloggers, it's important to remember that those who you could consider your "competition" are really better as friends and co-workers.

 Here are just a few of my favorite quotes:

create the world

focus on your life

playing to your strengths

leave room

Have you read #GIRLBOSS? Have you read any other business books lately that you'd recommend?


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