Chasing Dreams: An Interview with Lindsay, RD + Blogger at The Lean Green Bean

This interview is part of the Chasing Dreams interview series. I’ve interviewed a variety of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have chosen a different path in life in order to go after his or her dream career. Have an entrepreneur in mind you’d like to learn more about? Let me know! Today’s interview is with my friend Lindsay from the popular food blog, The Lean Green Bean. I've been following Lindsey for awhile now, and she was one of the first bloggers I started working with. Not only does she develop easy and delicious recipes, but she's also an inspiring entrepreneur, athlete, wife and soon to be mama.

At what point did you know you wanted to follow this career path? How did you know this was the right direction?

I started getting the idea while I was completing my dietetic internship. The blog was growing but I wasn't really sure I could make it part of my career. After I passed my test, the opportunity to work part time in nutrition communications kind of fell into my lap and I decided to bust my butt to make the blog work for the other "part-time".

What are the biggest struggles you've faced while trying to achieve your dreams?

Blogging is a fickle beast. It's not a set salary and very much ebbs and flows with the seasons. I'm lucky to have the other part-time job that I can consistently depend on and then I focus my energy on making my blog the best it can be, securing sponsored posts and monetizing other ways.

Owning your own business can be tough on the body and mind, between long days, instability and really putting yourself out there to reach your goals. How do you stay healthy? Do you have any rituals that help you stay centered?

I make working out a priority, even when I'm tired, even when I'm pregnant. Going to the gym for a crossfit class 4 days a week gets me out of the house and up and moving. I also have 2 dogs that rely on me for a daily walk and they hold me accountable. I do my best to get enough sleep and eat healthy as well.

Speaking of putting yourself out there, overcoming rejection is a big part of chasing dreams. How do you bounce back?

You can't take it personally. You have to take chances and you can't win them all. But you never know until you try, so I try to make each rejection a learning opportunity and use it to figure out what I can do better the next time.

What do you do when you're having an off day- maybe feeling down, struggling with self-doubt, or just unmotivated?

Yep. It's on those days you have to take a break, give yourself the day off and do something that inspires you. Reach out to a friend in a similar field. Brainstorm some changes you want to see. Listen to an inspiring speech... anything you can do to reignite the passion.

What is one misconception people have about you and/or your profession?

That all I care about is green smoothies, coconut oil and counting calories. All RDs are different and each has their own philosophy that they promote and encourage. Take the time to talk to them and figure out if you can apply some of their principles to your own life. But also remember that everyone is different and what works for some people may not work for you.

What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Know your worth. Do not undervalue yourself or your time.

When do you feel the most inspired, alive and the most like YOU?

Positive feedback, whether it's from the blog, from a boss or from a brand. When I hear that the things I'm doing are accepted, understood and being used by someone to better their own life... it's awesome.

What people, books, music, etc. inspire you?

Other RDs that I know, both in person and online. I love seeing all the different ways we're working to change the world!

What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life right now?

I have a baby coming sometime in the next few days!!



Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean BlogLindsay is a Registered Dietitian and blogger. She has a BA in Psychology and a BS in Dietetics, which she received from Ohio State University. She has been writing on her blog, sharing healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness tips for 4 years. She also has an online nutrition coaching business where her goal is to help you reach your nutritional needs. Lindsay currently lives with her husband in Columbus, Ohio, where they are joyfully awaiting the arrival of their baby.

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