Pinterest for Business: My Secret Weapon for Growth (+ Free Checklist)

Just like any other social media platform, you have to stay visible (connected) to see growth.

Once you have a strong foundation set up, optimize your blog posts, think like your audience and check out your Pinterest analytics, you're ready to take the final step: automation.

Automation, in terms of Pinterest, comes in the form of scheduling tools. But the tools available go SO much further than just scheduling a post for the future...

Pinterest for business - My secret weapon for growth 


What you’ll learn in this post:

  • Two tools to schedule your pins and repins
  • My secret weapon for Pinterest growth
  • Why you should be looping your pins + how to set it up
  • How to check for broken links on your Pinterest boards
  • Quick stats to boost your Pinterest for Business game

Scheduling Pins

While the best time of day to pin your blog post can vary by industry, start by scheduling them during lunch, after work, and weekend mornings. Think about when people have downtime and might be scrolling through Pinterest. Is there a time that's best suited to your niche?

For example: If you run a food blog, you'd want to catch people as they're scrolling through Pinterest looking for dinner recipes either on their lunch breaks or after work.


Why I Use Buffer to Schedule Pins

7 Benefits of Using Buffer for Pinterest:

  • Pre-schedule pins before a blog post goes live
  • Upload a different image if you want
  • Pull an image from a live blog post
  • Set up a schedule for your queue so all you have to do is hit "Add to Queue"
  • Buffer's Optimal Timing Tool will tell you the best times to reach your audience
  • Schedule social posts for ALL of your channels in one place
  • Rebuffer (repost) your most popular content with one click

Below you'll see an example of my Buffer Pinterest schedule:

Buffer Pinterest Optimal Timing

I've tried numerous tools for scheduling pins, but Buffer is still my favorite. Some people swear by Tailwind, so you'll just have to judge it for yourself. 

Update May 2018: I now mostly use Boardbooster* to schedule pins. Their use of "secret boards" allows me to more easily manage filling up a queue of constant high-quality pins. Learn more about the other Boardbooster features I love below!

My Secret Weapon for Pinterest Growth


I cannot say enough about this tool.

In fact, I don't even know where to start, so I'll just share this graphic.

I've only scratched the surface of what this tool can do, but I've had enough growth from the small $5/month plan (and using only one feature!) that I've been recommending all my clients to do the same.

Since starting with a free trial in February, I've grown my Pinterest followers by 81.5% (~900 to 1700) and referral traffic to my site ~11% (about 1000 visitors).

I've spent hardly any time to achieve this growth.

I'm not logging into Pinterest every day and making sure I pin at least 10-10000 pins. (I keep hearing a stat that you should be pinning at least 100 times a day to see growth.... what?! Who has time for that?? I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.)

I'm not joining new group boards. (In fact, I've only pinned to group boards like three times in the past 6 months...)

I'm not doing a whole lot of anything special, to be honest.

I followed the steps I described in the first four Pinterest for Business blog posts, repin relevant content via Buffer, and set up Looping via Boardbooster.

So just imagine what you (or I) could achieve with a little more time and strategy!

Enable Looping with

Looping via BoardBooster has been a GAME CHANGER for me. "Looping" is a tool designed to give new life to older pins

It's the perfect solution to a situation I've heard numerous clients address:

You've been churning out new content each week and scheduling it to the related boards.  You've grown your Pinterest following over the past year. But what about those old pins at the bottom of the boards?

With looping, you set a schedule for the old pins to be repinned at the top. But you also set rules to delete duplicates after so many days so you don't have boards full of the same content over and over.

Check for Broken Pins + Duplicate Pins

Boardbooster also has tools for improving your pin quality. Nothing is more annoying than getting excited about a pin only to find it leads nowhere.

Boardbooster has a feature that will scan your boards for broken links so you can avoid disappointing your fellow pinners.

There are quite a few other features I haven't even tested yet, like setting up campaigns and optimizing contributions to group boards. Sign up for a free trial and test out the tools that might work best for you!

And now some helpful stats on upping your Pinterest for Business game! (aka stats I wanted to share but didn't manage to use in the series.)

Quick stats on Pinterest for Business:

  • ~71% of Pinterest's 72.5 million users are women, but the male market is growing quickly 2
  • ~75% of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile devices 2
  • 15 minutes: average time a Pinterest user stays on the platform at a time 3
  • 5 posts a day: Business see more success when they post 5 times a day or more 3
  • Saturday afternoon + evening are the best time to post on Pinterest 3
  • Pin descriptions between 100-200 characters get repinned the most 4
  • Pins with prices get 36% more likes 4
  • Reddish organge images receive 200% more repins than blue images 4
  • Medium light images receive 20 times more repins than images that are extremely dark 4
  • Tutorial, guide, DIY & recipe pins have 42% higher click through rates than other pins 4

Free Pinterest-Ready Checklist

Download a free checklist to make sure your blog and each post is Pinterest-Ready.

You work so hard on your content, so it's worth taking a few seconds to double check before you hit publish.

Download Your Pinterest-Ready Checklist Now!

**BoardBooster is an affiliate link. I receive a $5 credit for each person who signs up for a paid subscription. As always, I would not promote something I don't genuinely believe in.


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