Why You Should Do Link Round-ups on Your Blog

You may have noticed some of your favorite blogs doing weekly link round-ups of their favorite links they came across that week. I do my own Sunday Link Love series with health, fitness, food, business and blogging links. Some bloggers even choose to add a link-up, like Running With Spoons. I share my Sunday Link Love post on her link-up each Sunday, then spend some time checking out the other blogs. It's been a great traffic source and a nice way to find new blogs.

Why You Should Do Link Round-ups on Your Blog


Reasons to do a weekly link round-up:

  1. Introduce readers to new blogs
  2. Get the attention of other bloggers while giving them some attention (networking!).
    • If you tag them on Twitter they might retweet to their followers and then possibly follow you
    • You're more likely to get the attention of low-to-middle sized blogs
  3. Potential to insert affiliate links and promote things you have going on without writing a whole post about it
    • This does not mean sneaking it into links. Be transparent about your promotions!
  4. Encourage conversation about interesting or thought provoking topics
  5. People can get to know you a little more through what you like to share


The Basics of How to do a Link Round-up:

  1. Choose a handful of interesting blog posts you think your readers will like, or from bloggers you'd like to connect with.
  2. You can list them out like I do (the lazy way) or write your own intros to the links like we do on Danielle Dowling's Blogs I Heart.

A Few of My Favorite Link Round-ups:

You'll notice numerous "Blogs I Heart" round-ups above. A few of my clients have started a themed round-up. I recently recommended they start using #blogsiheart in tweets as a way to let readers discover even more inspiring blogs. If you don't already have a round-up and are looking to start one, that would be a good place to start!

Do you have a favorite link round-up you look forward to? Or do you have your own? Share it in the comments!


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