Sunday Link Love: Killer Landing Pages, Summer Business Tips + Instagram Myths

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  The links are very, very rarely affiliate links, but if any are, you'll see an * beside the link. Along with sharing my recent favorites, it's also a way for me to keep an extra-personal touch to my blog. Social media is great, but my blog is still my home base!

Listening... Is anyone else pumped about the new Emo Project station from SiriusXM? I have no shame in wanting to relive my high school music days.

Exploring... Last weekend I went to a Third Eye Blind concert (my favorite band) in Cleveland and we did a little exploring. This weekend we're seeing James Taylor in Pittsburgh and likely showing my boyfriend's family around.

Reading... Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.

For fiction, I recently finished The Serpent King, which is a young adult novel right in line with the others I love (underdog boy, quirky girl, etc.).

What are you listening to and reading this week?

Now on to this week's round up!

Sunday Link Love is a recurring series of hand-picked digital marketing and entrepreneur lifestyle links from around the web.  Great reads this week including top 10 landing pages, summer business tips, debunking Instagram myths.

Marketing + Entrepreneur Lifestyle Round-up:

»As much as I love my business being an entrepreneur unquestionably has its ups and downs! As many of you know, I think finding the time for self-care is critical to running a successful business. Hailey shares 5 ways you can reboot your mindset and get back on track when you hit a slump!

» If you've been following along on Instagram lately you know I've been in total launch mode! One of the key tools of any launch is creating a landing page for your product or service. But finding inspiration and knowing what to include isn't always easy, even if you're using a great tool like Leadpages*. This impressive Top 10 Landing Page Roundup can definitely get you started! Plus you may recognize one of the pages ;)

» In the summer months, when things slow down and the sun is shining, many of your clients and followers are busy taking vacations.  Here are 4 great tips that you can do to keep your own business moving forward.

» Want to learn how to get more traffic? I was SO excited to be included in this post, which shares a collection of 101 top traffic tactics from articles written by 101 top experts.

There are definitely some gems and amazing content to be found!

» As an introvert, the idea of randomly talking to a stranger is completely foreign to me -- especially talking to a stranger about political view points, spirituality, and relationships. Yet that's exactly what Kyla did. In this inspiring post, Kyla shares how when we need to stop always being polite and start building real relationships.

» Staying continuously organized is never easy! Especially as a creative in the middle of a launch. I'm constantly on the look out for new tools and systems to help me juggle my ever growing to-do list.

» Recently I decided to open a second Instagram account dedicated to all things SEO, digital marketing, and my entrepreneur lifestyle. This got me thinking about how some people don't believe Instagram is a good platform (and here I was opening a second account...). Elle is sharing the Instagram business myths that you need to stop believing and why.

» Ever gotten an email from someone and wondered how did they get their email signature to look so great?!  Well, look no further! Jessica is sharing a step by step guide on how to create an interactive Gmail signature (plus she includes a video to make it even easier).

P.S. Speaking of launch mode, my updated course is live!


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