The Surprising Business Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

Today’s post is from Kate Tarratt Cross, a health coach dedicated to helping people make simple changes to boost energy and live better. I work with many coaches and wellness entrepreneurs, and even have a holistic health coaching certificate myself, so I've asked Kate to share what helped her the most to get started as a health coach. The answer might surprise you!

The Surprising Business Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

It’s so brave to choose entrepreneurship as a life journey, but I’m sure every entrepreneur out there will tell you that it’s not always easy. Many entrepreneurs are in charge of doing everything in the business themselves, so the hours in the day are just never long enough.

For most entrepreneurs, each day is a roller coaster of unexpected and sometimes “bipolar” type emotions, which run from elation to complete lack of confidence. To top it off there is a health revolution happening and we are now constantly bombarded with “healthy advice” or comparisons to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough to have that beautiful boundless energy or small waistline.

Does this sound like you? You want to get fit and healthy, but your hectic schedule and bombardment of health ads and information leave you overwhelmed.

Many people sign up for a gym membership with the hopes of turning their lives around once and for all. Just signing up leaves us with a sense of accomplishment, right?

We do this with every intention of visiting the gym regularly, only to find, a few short weeks later we start making more and more excuses to skip. The visits get fewer and fewer, stopping altogether for some. While the gym payments keep exiting your account, you're in the meantime getting more stressed trying to make ends meet while your business takes off.

This is what happened to me, despite being an avid gym-goer all my life! So believe me, it can happen to anyone.

In order to maintain my health while still dedicating long hours to starting my business, I knew I needed a more sustainable approach to health and wellness.

So that's why I’d like to share with you why I ditched my gym membership and took on a health coach, and how I could never have gotten my business up and running without one.

About 2 years ago I decided to try out hiring a health coach. I was dreaming of becoming a health coach myself, so what better way to get support and learn about the practice? With the health coach I hired, I made a commitment to pay a monthly fee and get two one-hour sessions, plus email/WhatsApp support in between.

To my surprise, the decision to hire a health coach ended up being the best one I've ever made for not only my health, but my business success!

I am so very happy I made that decision because the results have been far greater than I expected and certainly more valuable than just hitting the gym. My health improved by losing weight and gaining energy, but I also got the support I needed to get started as a health coach myself. I became more organized and focused on achieving my business goals.

3 Ways a Health Coach Helped Boost My Business

1 | Personal Accountability

One of the biggest benefits of having a health coach is having someone you are accountable to. You're paying a monthly fee, much like you do for a gym membership, but being accountable to an actual person makes it more personal.

I also hate to waste time and money, so the monthly fee motivates me to follow through on the things my health coach and I discuss. I've found this also keeps me focused to reach my goals.

Making healthy choices for my diet is quite easy for me since healthy eating and cooking are my passion, but we all fall off the wagon sometimes. It can be way easier to get derailed when you're working long hours to build a business! Thankfully my health coach can bring me back on track again.

2 | Wellness Plan is Customized = More Energy & Faster Results

I realized that to get fit and healthy, I needed more than a gym membership. My health coach helps me create a customized health and fitness plan based on my specific goals.

For example, she sends me exercise packages that are much more interesting to me than doing the usual old gym grind.

Since my health coach does the research and planning to send me appropriate wellness information, I can spend more of my own time building my business. I get to cut through the overwhelming amount of health information available.

3 | Business Mentoring

Since I have this person to talk to and confide in, I feel any problems “shared” are “halved.” I have one-on-one support which helps keep my anxiety at bay.

It was also extremely helpful to learn from someone already in the field I wished to pursue. My health coach was able to answer my business questions in addition to helping me deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneur emotions.

To keep me focused and reaching my business goals, my health coach sets tasks and sends worksheets to help me figure things out. She also edits my writing and makes good constructive suggestions.

She even sends me potential new clients!

Through this experience, I am generally happier and feel I'm in control of my life.

With that comes a healthier mindset, and so naturally I have lost a little weight and maintained it with complete ease.

The added health benefits gained, in turn, help me to run my business more successfully. I have the energy I need to work on my passion, support to ease my anxiety, and a mentor who's already been through the process of starting a health coaching business.

I'm so grateful I decided to ditch my gym membership and hire my health coach, Natalie Bel Hill. Without her support, I wouldn't have been able to launch my own health coaching business and stay sane and healthy in the process.

Whether you're looking to improve your health through weight loss, gain energy, deal with anxiety, stay focused or all of the above (like me), a health coach may be the answer.

Have you ever thought of hiring a health coach?

What has held you back? Leave a comment below!

About Kate Tarratt Cross


I’m Kate and I help people tune into their bodies and find what works for them!

I’m committed to encouraging people to look and feel their best by cooking and eating healthier food.

I’ve been working hard to bring to you my knowledge and I’ve dedicated years to helping people bring the best out of themselves. I have traveled, studied, set up amazing projects, worked hard to help existing projects succeed, researched, learned about myself and experimented. The whole time I was questioning why we sabotage ourselves and our health even when we know how damaging it is to us. I benefited so much from making a simple change, and now I want to help others do the same.

To get an idea of my philosophy and approach, you can download a copy of Get Your Glow Back for some simple tips to boost your energy and improve your skin.

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