One Change That Doubled My Blog Traffic

Let's get right to it. The one change I made was improving my blog photos. I've been thinking about this for months, but between clients and writing the blog posts themselves, it didn't happen. Right before Christmas I decided to just dig in and try some out. I redid a handful of photos, shared them on Pinterest, and got an excellent response overnight.

Since then, I've redone a few more and continue to get loads of traffic from those first few "new" images. Pinterest has now become my top referral source. My traffic also increased from many other sites, like StumbleUpon, Facebook and LinkedIn. I started re-promoting the older blog posts that had gotten a facelift.

It's still a work in progress, but I had to share in case any of you are not focusing on your images!

pinterest traffic

Changes Made to Blog Photos

  1. A few months ago Sarah recommended that I make my images as wide as my blog text.
  2. Invested in a $10/month stock photo site called Death to the Stock Photo
  3. Optimized them for Pinterest. I started choosing vertical images and adding large, clear text.

Tips for Perfect Pinterest Images

  • Ideal Size: 735x1100
  • Best times to share: 2-4pm and 8pm-1am
  • Large, clear text
  • Add a good description - blog post title + hashtags + any other relevant info

I'm working on a blog redesign, so you may notice my images continue to change as I figure out exactly how I like them.

P.S. I use PicMonkey and Canva to create and edit the images on my blog.

If you make any of these changes, come back and let us know how it went!

Do you optimize your blog post photos for Pinterest or any other social network?


Danielle Zeigler

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