5 Reasons Why You Need a Lead Magnet Immediately

Offering lead magnets has had a game-changing effect on my business. Back in the day (February 2014), when I launched the first iteration of this blog, I just had a “Sign up for my newsletter” sidebar form. Like most bloggers (and plenty of retailers) I thought that was enough. I even got some sign-ups. But, within a few months, I upped my game with my very first lead magnet and the results were transformational!

How Lead Magnets Will Grow Your List + Free Susbribers Cheat Sheet

Check out my old blog below – which form are you most likely to sign-up with?

my blog newsletter opt in with no lead magnet

my blog newsletter opt in with no lead magnet

my blog with a resources lead magnetic freebie opt in

my blog with a resources lead magnetic freebie opt in

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of cogs required for a smooth and successful marketing system, but as soon as I offered my free resources kit, something critical shifted (and improved with each new offer).

Once I got strategic with what kinds of lead magnets to provide, converting browser traffic into new subscribers became simple!

Whether you’re an online business or location-based, sell to consumers, bloggers or other entrepreneurs, encouraging prospective clients to join your mailing list and retaining them is essential to the survival and growth of your business.

But lead magnets can do so much MORE…

What is a lead magnet?

AKA “freebies” and “opt-ins”, lead magnets are simply tools you use to attract subscribers and grow your mailing list. You can use anything as a freebie, for example a:

  • Checklist

  • Quiz

  • Report

  • Free trial

  • Webinar

  • Coupon

  • Loyalty points

  • Email series

  • & much more!

I’ve created many freebies over the past few years, including handouts and cheat sheets related to specific blog posts. I’ve also enjoyed great success with my SEO Made Simple 6-Day Challenge.

The key to creating an irresistible lead magnet is the content – deliver a freebie your ideal client will love.

Pssst.. don't miss your free subscribers cheat sheet! Download below:

Blog subscriber cheat sheet

The incredible difference offering freebies can make to your business {5 reasons why}

1 | Lead magnets grow your mailing list like nothing else can

You already have web traffic – start making use of it!

If you currently have a form which says, “Subscribe for updates,” you may have people signing up purely because they know you in real life, are related to you ;) or they’re a huge fan (which is great BTW!).

But you can grow your following faster and more strategically by offering an enticing gift for free in return for their email address.

In one of my most-shared posts Driving Traffic to a (New) Blog, I wrote about 14 easy ways to get eyes on your blog, but I also added an opt-in with 37 ideas to grow traffic (pictured left).

This post has lots of comments and has been shared almost 7,700+ times on social media!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is down to: A) a post which provides a sought-after solution and B) a super-tempting freebie.

2 | Freebies help you find more ideal clients by appraising subscribers for you

You have the opportunity to create win-win situation.

By offering on-point lead magnets, you can attract more ideal clients to your business, and also repel non-ideal clients.

Why is it important to repel potential subscribers?

Well, you don’t want to fill your mailing list with people who aren’t that interested in what you have to say or sell.

The type of content within the lead magnet you give your subscribers helps you appraise people browsing your website, so you fill your list with committed followers and prospective ideal clients.

For example, I wouldn’t create a freebie which was a “Top 20 pet grooming tools every pet store needs” handout. Any pet store owners on my mailing list are there because they want to learn how to optimize their website, start (or improve) their blog, survive as an introvert entrepreneur or grow their business!

3 | Establish your brand presence with well-designed opt-ins

Looks DO matter in business, so make sure you're creating a lasting impression with handouts which are visually appealing and in-line with your brand aesthetic.

Don’t fret! There’s no need to hire a professional designer every time.

It’s much easier than you think to DIY gorgeous pdfs these days.

There are fantastic free and affordable tools available at your fingertips to design your handouts.

I love Canva (freemium) and Haute Stock* (from $99per quarter) to create my opt-ins, such as my Easy Backlinks pdf.

And, where possible, I always show an image so that people see what they’re getting.

4 | Lead magnets help you communicate your worth with confidence

As an introvert I really struggle with selling myself, and I know I’m not alone!

The wonderful thing about creating freebies is that you can show the value you deliver.

You’re giving potential customers a taste of:

  • What it’s like to work with you

  • The types of products &/or service you offer

  • How you treat your customers

  • The way you communicate + your tone of voice

  • Your ethos, passion and mission

No sleazy sales required!

5 | Set yourself apart from competitors by creating value-packed content

While you don’t need to create a freebie for every single blog post, the lead magnets you do create should be packed with value.

That doesn’t mean you must write 50-page manuals, though!

I love offering short cheat sheets and checklists, as well as slightly longer free gifts, like my SEO Made Simple 6-Day Challenge.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s been highly successful – it’s my signature lead magnet and continues to have high conversions.

SEO Made Simple is a challenge with daily prompts, delivered via email over six days.

The key to why this works is that I pack in the value with short, highly actionable content that's easy to implement.

Then, after you’ve delivered your freebie, you can move on to continuing the value over email so that your subscribers really get to know you as a person for (at least) a few weeks before it’s time to launch or pitch your product/service. And, when you get to that sales pitch, you’ll have a warmer, more receptive audience.

→ All these results point to an increase in revenue.

→ The right lead magnets = more sales down the road.

Blog subscriber cheat sheet

Have you tried using a lead magnet yet? Share your experiences in the comments…

Disclaimer: *Affiliate link – I may earn a small commission, but I only ever recommend products I wholeheartedly believe in and trust.

5 reasons you need a lead magnet immediately