Sunday Link Love: Caffeine, Creativity + Simplifying {July v4}

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My Life Lately...

pool facial massage thredup

+The first picture is actually from last week when I needed to take a short sanity break at the pool. After 45 minutes and being drenched in sweat, I was ready to get back to work. By the way, my Google account edited that pool picture on it's own. I'm actually a little creeped out.

+I got a facial and massage for my birthday. Treat yo' self. You can't tell in the picture really, but the redness in my cheeks had already gone down! The facial woman said I have rosacea. I've been told that's not what it is, but I'm going to research. Any tips?

+I went crazy Saturday morning with the Throw Out 100 Things Challenge (from Jess Lively). I have over 200 things I'm donating, selling, recycling or throwing out, and I'm not even done. It felt SO good. I'm going to try this site called ThredUp and see how it goes for some of my nicer clothing items. I'll be doing a full blog post soon about the challenge. However, while trying to price a pair of Toms flats I'm selling (black, sz 9 if you're interested ;-)) I found THESE. Guys, I need these.

+I'm trying to focus on simplifying my life. Not only by decluttering my apartment, but also in streamlining my business. I'm open to any recommendations for making life as an entrepreneur / solopreneur easier! For example, I synced my gmail calendar + outlook calendar. I also realized I could access my phone pictures from my G+ account. Duh. These little things will save a lot of time.

+I finished all The Lively Show podcasts and now I'm sad. Any recommendations for similar podcasts?


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