Sunday Link Love: Business Resources Galore! {June 3}

Oops! I hadn't looked at my business RSS feed in a few weeks, so this post will be full of good resources!

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

Do These 7 Things to Feel More Empowered Today

Which Fitness Tracker Is the Most Accurate? The Results Are In Good to know! I love my Fitbit Flex, and tracking my activity in general.

New to Running? Motivate Your Workouts With These Minigoals

Cool Kids Lose, Though It May Take A Few Years Makes sense! What do you think?


Food + Nutrition

Why Calories In vs Calories Out is Outdated

The Great Grain Debate

Building A Balanced Smoothie

17 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Whole Foods


Social Media, SEO + Entrepreneurship

5 Contract terms that will keep you safe as a freelancer

Resources and Tools for Digital Nomads

How music affects your productivity

8 Tips for Optimizing Pinterest

Optimizing Images for SEO (Blogger Platform Tips) I'll be writing a post for WordPress soon!

25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25

Creating Online Courses with Kunerango This looks pretty handy. I'd love to know what else you guys use to make e-courses. Leave a comment!

Why Pinterest is 1,680 Times Better than Facebook

How to Choose (and Use) the Best Tools for Your Business

How To Sell Yourself To A Client

Tips For Those Who Set Their Own Salaries "Figure out what you want to make yearly and put that aside as a salary you pay to yourself. Then add expenses, such as purchases and overhead, plus the profit you hope to make above expenses. Ms. Van Thoen suggested 10 to 20 percent of your salary."  This article also talks about, which is what I use to accurately track my time.

Starting Out: Working from Home This is spot on!



Looking to Outsource Your Design Needs? You Need to Read This

You’ve Got Readers To Your Blog – This is How You Keep Them There

Social Media for Newbie Bloggers Part 2

3 Google Analytics features to help grow your blog or business




My life lately...

+I'll be spending time with family in PA until the 30th with a quick trip to NJ this week. I love the flexibility of owning my own business. I cannot stress that enough.


What are your favorite links from the week?


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