Sunday Link Love: Brand Foundation + Effective Instagram Captions

Having a strong brand foundation is SO important.(P.S. Did you know even SEO plays a part in your branding foundation?)

Are your Instagram captions effective?

Love this topic! How your personality affects how you run your business.

I'm a DIY designer for most things, so this post with tips on how to avoid common mistakes is helpful!

Looking for free stock photos? (who isn't?) This post has over 50 sites to choose from.

Not sure how other bloggers are making money? Check out this post with 5 ways to monetize your blog.

I love finding inspiration outside my own industry. Here's a list of non-creative podcasts for creatives to do just that!

If you're constantly feeling distracted and in need of a productivity boost, these 10 productivity apps might be the solution. I've used all but two on this list (I use Buffer instead of Edgar), and can attest to it being a great list! 


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