Sunday Link Love: Anxiety, Yoga + Blogging Tools {Nov v4}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

5 Benefits of Self-Myofascial Release

Master List of YouTube Videos That Will Help with Flexibility Bookmark, add to Pinterest, whatever! You'll want to save this list.

Overwhelmed & Rushed? Do a Stress Assess

How to Become a Runner (Who Actually Likes to Run!)

How Anxiety Almost Destroyed My Marriage

Letting Go of Guilt About What You “Should” Be Doing "Once I realized that fear and anxiety had been driving my guilt, it was time for me to take an honest look at its close cousin, the “shoulds.” The “should” are those voices in your head—and you know the ones—saying “You should be doing this,” “You should like that,” “You should spend time on this,” “You should stop doing that,” and so on and so forth—endlessly."

When Waiting Gives You Anxiety: Find Peace by Being Present Oh yes, this is me. It's gotten better as I've consciously worked on it over the past year.

20 Perfect Picks For the Yoga-Lover in Your Life

Top 5 Cortisol Myths


Food + Nutrition

5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating Around The Holidays

7 Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Dirty Dozen Food Additives

Artificial Food Coloring vs Natural Options

7 Recipes That Kick the Carbs Out of Pasta

Healthy Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins These would be fun to make instead of the typical pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner, or a great way to use any leftover pumpkin!

The Clean-Eating Rules to Live By


Blogging + Entrepreneurship

How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand

How To (Nicely) Set Boundaries With Your Clients + My ‘Collaboration Guidelines’

The bloggers guide to Twitter plus tools and resources

Photography 101 for Bloggers This is a goal of mine for 2015. At the very least, I need to build a lightbox and spend a little more time paying attention to details when I take photos. I'm excited!

How To Migrate from Blogger to WordPress (With a Blogspot URL)

Top 15 Creative Business Tools I Use as an Infopreneur I cannot get enough of this blog. If you're a blogger and/or entrepreneur, you need to follow her!


Making Millions Starts With Knowing This
My Life Lately...


+Bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners: What business topics do you want to learn more about? Any SEO specifics? WordPress tutorials? Health readers: What holistic topics are you most interested in? Recipes, pain relief, etc? Fitness and exercise? General/any reader: Do you want more personal posts? Travel posts? BASICALLY...what do you want me to blog more about? Thanks!

+I signed up for my first year of Elf for Health, hosted by The Lean Green Bean and According to Elle.

+If you've been considering enrolling in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, send me an email! I have an amazing discount to offer for the holidays. I haven't seen a discount for IIN this big in YEARS. Contact me for details danielle (at)

+Plane tickets are ordered to visit PA in December/January! Beyond excited.

+My Dad is coming to visit this Saturday and then I'll be heading back up to Montgomery mid-December. Then off to PA. So I'll be focusing on more fitness and health tips while traveling/during holidays/while super busy. I'd love to hear your tips in the comments!

+I'm looking into a small DSLR camera to use for blogging and web content. Recommendations? Something affordable and easy to use.

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