34 Little Reasons to Smile

Happiness doesn't only come from hitting big milestones and reaching goals. There are small things in everyday life we can appreciate, and these things are worth celebrating! Below are some of my favorite moments and things that make me smile. 1. A perfectly ripe banana

2. The 1st sip of coffee in the morning

3. Cold sheets and the cold side of your pillow

4. The first warm, sunny day after a cold winter

5. Finding a book you can't put down

6. Wearing your favorite outfit

7. Finding a great deal on something you've had your eye on

8. Visiting your home town

9. Reminiscing with an old friend

10. The silent calm before a snow fall

11. A cool breeze coming in your window

12. Birthday cake or birthday traditions

13. Baby animals

14. Clean sheets (especially fresh, white sheets)

15. Fresh fruit on a hot summer day

16. The first kiss with a new love

17. That feeling after a great workout

18. Lying down when you're exhausted

19. The anticipation before a vacation

20. Christmas morning

21. Inspiration for a new project or creation

22. Getting in the "flow" of what you're doing

23. Finding the last of something you've wanted (especially if it's a piece of clothing in your exact size!)

24. Sleeping or relaxing on a rainy day

25. The smell of fresh baking cookies

26. A new jar of peanut butter or nut butter

27. An unexpected day off (like a snow day)

28. Sleeping in your own bed after being away from home

29. The release of a book or movie you've been waiting for

30.  The moment when something finally clicks in your mind

31. The sound of rain on a tin roof

32. The sound of lawnmowers and airplanes during the summertime

33. Receiving an unexpected compliment

34. Helping someone (or animals) in need

What moments are you grateful for? What small thing makes you smile? Share in the comments below!


Danielle Zeigler

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