Over the past six years, I’ve helped dozens of women grow their businesses through authentic and sustainable digital marketing strategies.

Through search engine optimization, social media, blogging and actionable business coaching sessions, I’ve helped clients find their niche, triple their website traffic in a short time, secure writing deals with major national companies, and much more.

Running a business isn’t easy, but this success and feedback is what keeps me going.

See what clients are saying about my DIGITAL MARKETING + SEO work:

“my blog got the attention of eHarmony!”

 Lisa Steadman SEO Review

“Within days of hiring Danielle, my blog got the attention of the editors at eHarmony! Within a month, I was writing for them and had recouped my investment in Danielle. She’s a dynamo. Savvy, dependable, amazing!”

Lisa Steadman
Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Mentor

“tripleD my website traffic in < 3 months”

 Danielle Dowling tripled traffic with SEo

“Danielle is hands down one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made for my business. She is my SEO secret weapon and an all around stellar Digital Marketing Strategist. She is highly responsive, detail oriented, innovative and reliable.

She single handedly helped to triple my overall website traffic in just under 3 months! Over the past 4 years of working together, I've consistently been in the top organic spots for competitive terms and attract more of the right people to my site.

Do yourself a favor and hire her!”

Dr. Danielle Dowling
Life Coach + Dr of Psychology

“organic search traffic increased 274% in 3 months”

 Natalie Healthy Tote SEO Coaching Review

“It’s has been such a great experience working with Danielle.  I originally began working with her because I needed a coach to hold me accountable and make sure I followed through with all my business ideas.  Not only did she help me with accountability, but she helped me with my website SEO that I had been neglecting.  In fact, my organic search traffic increased 274% in 3 months.  I’m so thankful I found Danielle and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Natalie Bonkowski
CEO & Founder, Healthy Tote

“I’ve seen my website traffic grow exponentially”

 Kristin Imber SEO Review

“I’m so happy I invested in having Danielle work on my SEO and online marketing! In a short time, I’ve seen my website traffic grow exponentially and it continues to gain momentum with Danielle’s help. Not only is her work effective, but Danielle is a pleasure to work with! She gave me clear and thorough information so that I can be a more effective business owner moving forward. I definitely recommend engaging Danielle if you’re looking for help building or growing your online business!“ 

Kristin Imber
Wellness + Body Image Coach



 Jessica Heaney SEO Review

“With Danielle's help, my site was consistently in the top 3 searches for local Vail Colorado therapists.

Danielle is wonderful to work with! She hears what your goals are and creates a plan specific to what you need. I saw results quickly that drew more clients to my website through her awesome SEO work. My business is growing and clients report how easy it is to find me online. I definitely recommend working with her!” 

— Jessica Heaney
Relationship Counselor + Life Coach

“within a month my site traffic doubled”

 Katie Bressack SEO Digital Strategy Review

“Danielle is so amazing to work with. I’m so grateful for her assistance in getting my site searchable again! I reached out to Danielle for help with SEO. She did a “jump start” for my site and within a month my site traffic doubled and my organic site traffic was up too.

I had more clients finding me through search and I finally feel like my site is working for me. I will continue working with Danielle and can’t recommend her enough! “ 

Katie Bressack
Women’s Nutrition and Wellness Coach

"Danielle made the website process easy & simple for me"

 Amanda Schuster - Private Tutor - Academic Mentor

"Working with Danielle has been amazing. I have built (tried to build) websites on my own in the past, and I always get stuck and overwhelmed, and never know if what I have is working or not. Danielle made the website process easy and simple for me, giving me clear direction and doing much of the content and design work in a few hours - work that would have taken me much, much longer to complete on my own. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her for my SEO and social media needs, and would recommend her services to anyone looking for help with online marketing. Thanks, Danielle!"

Amanda Schuster
Private Tutor + Academic Mentor

"helped my organic search traffic increase 13.79% for my RD site & 65.49% for my blog"

 Lindsay L - Health Counseling - The Lean Green Bean

“Danielle has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is amazingly efficient and knowledgable and was extremely patient with me while I asked question after question and tried to learn more about SEO. In my first 4 months of working with her, she helped me increase my organic search traffic 13.79% for my RD site and 65.49% for my blog. She taught me the basics of SEO so that I could implement them on my own blog and helped me explore new traffic sources. I’m extremely grateful for everything Danielle has done for me so far and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Lindsay L., RD
The Lean Green Bean Blog
Health Counseling

"to see people engage and to watch the traction build, it got me hooked"

"her true wizardry lies in all things traffic increasing"

 Catherine Cassidy - Personal Stylist -Ustyled

“I was referred to Danielle by a friend who completely endorsed her and I’m so glad I took the leap for support in my marketing! Danielle was able to GET the essence of Ustyled and my style of communication and infuse that into the social media planning she did for me. It was a huge step forward to be more consistent in my marketing as opposed to being so haphazard when I tried to do it all myself. Danielle also taught me a lot about the metrics to track and different ways to engage. I must say that it actually made all the marketing more FUN! Prior to that it was definitely a chore. But, to see people engage and to watch the traction build, it got me hooked and so the momentum has continued to build! I’m so grateful to Danielle!”

Catherine Cassidy
CEO & Founder of Ustyled, Personal Stylist

 Preston_Health Coach - Designer - Copywirter

“Working with Danielle was so refreshing. She is incredibly detailed and is a well of knowledge in all things social media and SEO. I almost felt like there were so many things I wanted to work with her on I did not know where to start. After I discovered her, I found myself wondering where the heck she was when I had my health coaching business. 

She has such a unique combination of skills that all come together in this down-to-earth and efficient package. I am so excited to start working with her on SEO. I have a feeling I have only begun to experience the depth of her magic as her true wizardry seems to lie in all things traffic increasing.”

Kelli Preston
Squarespace Designer + Copywriter

"increased my US readership by 89% over a month period"

"My website has seen a 100% increase in organic search traffic"

 Anne Mauney - Nutrition Coaching and Communications - Fannetastic Food Blog

"Danielle has been a great help to me in improving the SEO of both my blog and professional website. My professional website has seen a 100% increase in organic searches thanks to the changes she has made!I also appreciate her taking the time to educate me on how to improve SEO myself, so I can continue to work on it on my own moving forward."

Anne Mauney, MPH, RD
Health Counseling, FANNEtastic Food Blog

 Charlie Watson-The Runner Beans Blog

"Danielle was amazing to work with, she worked within my budget to create a great plan, including suggestions that I could work on myself. She helped increase my organic search by 25%, impressively increased my US readership by 89% over a month period. I look forward to a continued relationship and to see what other magic she can work!"

Charlie Watson
The Runner Beans Blog

"It was so beneficial to have an expert taking a deep look and helping me"

"turned my dream into a reality"

 Morgan Northway - Life Coach - Blogger.

"Danielle has been a true inspiration to work with. She has turned my dream of becoming a life coach and launching my own business into a reality. She is truly passionate about her work and puts time and care in each task that is given to her. I am beyond grateful to have her support and expertise when it comes to my business. If you are looking to stay educated on the most innovative technologies and have a competitive advantage when it comes to your technical support you MUST have Danielle apart of your team!"

Morgan Northway
Life Coach + Blogger

 Kristen Ione - Health and Wellness Blogger

"Danielle helped me get organized and define my blog niche. It was so beneficial to have an expert taking a deep look and helping me see what steps were needed to get to the next level. She had great ideas for time management (new things I had not come across with countless articles I had read online) + I feel more confident in my ability to prioritize tasks within my limited blogging time."

Health + Wellness Blogger

"From defining my target to distinguishing my brand to optimizing my site"

"After a short 6 months clients were already finding my business through Google!"

 Victoria Flame - Wedding Planner

"When I decided to redesign my website I needed someone who could hold my hand and explain SEO to me- Danielle was the perfect business coach. She listened to my specific needs and provided me with emails explaining step by step SEO instructions. After a short 6 months clients were already finding my business through Google! I would highly recommend working with Danielle, my only wish would be to have found her sooner!"

Victoria Flame
Wedding Planner at Victoria Flame Events

 Trish - Dish By Trish Blog

"Danielle was not only a pleasure to work with but a great investment. From defining my target to distinguishing my brand to optimizing my site, Danielle helped me on so many levels. As someone who has a tendency of feeling overwhelmed with blogging at times, I was able to cut through the noise and really focus my energy and prioritize what was most important, thanks to Danielle. I am so grateful for having worked with her."

Trish O. 
Dish by Trish Blog

"she was the perfect yin to my yang"

"In a week  I had 3 new client inquiries & everyone said they found me via google!"

 Laura Brucker - Los Angeles Image Consultant

“Danielle was a fast working, efficient and effective miracle working on my website. (Bonus: She was amazing to work with too!) Having not taking the proper time and care to the back end of my website, I was finding that I had may issues with the functionality of my site as well as the SEO. With our “Jump Start” on my website, Danielle went above and beyond to make sure my site had fixed all the little issues, identified the bigger ones that we will work on for our next project and amped up my SEO so that I was searchable again.Within just a week alone I had 3 new client inquiries and everyone said they found me via google search! And as more time has passed, more and more of my ideal client are finding me and signing up for sessions. I couldn’t be more pleased with our work together and can’t wait to get started on our next project.”

Laurie Brucker
Los Angeles Image Consultant, Laurie B Style

 Mary Sabo - Life Coach Blogger - Yoga

"Danielle was such a smart investment. I came to her with a vision of what I wanted to create and she helped me lay the framework by combing through the clutter to prioritize. As someone who tends to leap before looking she was the perfect yin to my yang, making sure I took the time to implement things that would set me up for success in the long run. I came to Danielle with all these ideas and concepts but she actually helped me move them from my head to the page and then out into real life!"

Mary Sabo
Life Coach + Blogger