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Learn how to implement simple, strategic organic SEO in just 6 short weeks with SEO for Solopreneurs. The ecourse includes 6 modules with short videos, tutorials for Wordpress & Squarespace, downloadable worksheets & cheat sheets, free tools, built in accountability, email support, and more!

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Imagine if more customers were coming to you and you could spend less time marketing your business and more time on delivering your amazing services or products?  

That’s what SEO can do for you. (Less networking, hustling, cold calling, pitching…? Yes please!)

60,000+ Google searches are performed every single second - people are already looking for a product, service or solution just like yours. 

Which means you're dream clients are ALREADY searching for solutions like yours. Help them find YOU.

With SEO for Solopreneurs you’ll learn how to implement the vital, yet simple SEO strategies on your own website in just 6 short weeks.

(P.S. Both WordPress & Squarespace are both covered!)  

From these same methods, my clients have tripled their website traffic (we’re talking thousands of new visitors per month), secured writing deals with major national companies and earned additional 5-figure incomes from clients who found them through Google.

Whether you’re a coach, doctor, spa owner, yogi, designer, stylist, photographer, blogger, store owner, or run a dance studio… whatever your entrepreneurial persuasion, optimizing your website brings more customers to you.

By investing in SEO, you’re investing in finding the people who need what you have to offer . . . making it all the more likely that they’ll invest in you.

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