Sunday Link Love: Tight Hips, Protein Breakfasts + Tax Tips {Jan v3}

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A Health Rant <-- I can relate!

The Positive Side of Depression


Food + Nutrition

11 High-Protein Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

Immune-Boosting Friendship Smoothie Bowls

Low-Fat PB & J Bites [vegan + gluten-free]


Blogging + Entrepreneurship

Must-Read Tax Tips for Bloggers

A Complete Guide To Styling Photos For Your Instagram & Blog

How To Brand + Style Your Pinterest Boards

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My Life Lately According to Instagram...

+ My niece turned 2 and got an adorable tiny yoga mat!

Allie got a little yoga mat for her birthday. I can't handle how cute this is! #toddleryoga #yoga #tinyyogamat

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+ I have the strangest cat..

My sweet little shoulder cat. #catsofinstagram #bengalsofinstagram #shouldercat #ig_bengals

A photo posted by Danielle Zeigler (@danielleadairz) on

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