Sunday Link Love: Health, Fitness + Blogging {Oct v2}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

Yoga Poses To Undo A Day of Sitting At A Desk

Running Form: Improve your speed and reduce injuries - See more at:

5 Ways To Practice Optimism

20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day

My Stress Relief Toolkit


Food + Nutrition

Healthy Homemade Gummy Bears (all natural, fat free, sugar free and low carb!) I have a weakness for gummies, so making my own would be great!

Anti-Inflammies: A Healthy Gummy Snack

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins


Blogging + Entrepreneurship

The ’45/15 Rule,’ Eating the Frog, and 5 Other Ways Freelancers Can Get Things Done at Home

6 things to double check when a blog post goes viral

How To Find The HTML Colour Of An Image

7 Essential Free Tools for Social Media Design

Top 21 WordPress Plugins

25 Apps To Make Your Everday Life Easier

Tax Tips and Income Tracker for Bloggers This is an extremely helpful post!

How to Get Serious About Blogging This is an excellent post! I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog through Pinterest.

How to Write a Blog Business Plan (the guide for champions)



What I Learned in 24 Hours Without Internet Related to my technology cleanse post... I need to do it more often!

How to befriend anybody (even if you’re an introvert)


My Life Lately...

+ Sunday snuck up on me this week! It's been busy with new clients and getting back in an exercise routine after not making it to the gym last week.  

What are your favorite links from the week?

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