Sunday Link Love: Sugar, Better Photos + Writing {June 1}

Back to the old style because it's faster and I can share more!  

Health + Wellness

Do What Comes Naturally

Study Shows Anorexia and Depression are as Deadly As Smoking 20 Cigarettes a Day <---Very interesting!

23 Quick & Easy Ways To Beat Stress <-- My 3rd published post on MindBodyGreen!

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways To Exercise At Work


Food + Nutrition

Sorry, But There's No Such Thing As A 'Healthy' Sugar

10 Things You Need To Know About Sugar Alcohols

The Eight Nutrition Trends That Drive This Dietitian Crazy

Can Drinking Diet Soda Really Help You Lose Weight?

Eating Happy

19 New Recipes To Make With A Jar Of Almond Butter


SEO, Marketing + Entrepreneuship

111 Keyboard Shortcuts

5 Killer SEO Tips for Food Bloggers



Simple Tips and Tricks to Making An Awesome Editorial Calendar I just found this blog, and she is awesome.



5 Tips for Better Photos (Hint: Stop saying “cheese”)

June Photo A Day Challenge {#30summerdays} <--Fun! We should all do this.


My life this week..

+ A blurry behind the scenes photo in my new BonLook glasses. I have so much trouble getting my hands to stop shaking to take a clear photo. It's kind of freaky. {The Fault in Our Stars comes out THIS Friday! Ahhh!!! You should have seen me when The Perks of Being a Wallflower came out...}

+ I've spent the weekend with a fever and trying to get over a sinus infection.

+ I'm booking a flight to PA today for June. Tickets are over $450..this is ridiculous!


What are your favorite links from the week?


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