Sunday Link Love: Health, Business + Lifestyle {April 4}

Health + Fitness

How To Successfully Stick To Your Workout Program Advice I need to listen to! The Difference Between Building Muscle & Building Strength Preventative Maintenance: Massage & Chiropractic I'm a big advocate of massage. It should not be considered only a "luxury." Make Your Own Eye Makeup Remover I love homemade, natural products. If you have DIY recipes, please share in the comments! Yoga Hacks: How to Get Started on Home Practice I love my home practice. I use Reflexion Yoga. The FDA's Not-Really-Such-Good-News Life Lessons: On Natural Body Care 10 Awesome YouTube Workout Channels


Food, Cooking + Recipes

Southwestern Veggie Wraps Minty Maca – A Mint-Chocolate Chip Supergreen Shake I've been craving mint ice-cream for months. I'm not sure why. How To Plan A Garden Food Prep: Where to Begin Will Walmart’s Latest Move Be The Tipping Point For Organic Foods Do you buy produce from Wal-Mart? I personally avoid WM as much as possible. Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies Healthy Food Friday: Radishes {Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Radish Salad} Chocolate Maca Hemp Spread Maca is a great hormone-regulating super-food. Use it sparingly, though. Some people use it for weight gain. Organic Is Not A Synonym For Healthy <--yes! "If you are looking for the “healthier” product, choose based on it’s nutritional value, not because of an organic label." What Happens to Your Brain on Sugar, Explained by Science Avoid "the white stuff," whether it's cocaine, sugar or processed flour! Haagen-Dazs Unveils New Veggie Ice Cream (in Japan) <--Would you try it? You Have Enough Room for a Garden (no matter how small!) Tips for Prep Day Demystifying Produce Codes Big Food: Michael Pollan Thinks Wall Street Has Way Too Much Influence Over What We Eat Take the time to read this! And all of Michael Pollan's books while you're at it :-) Fermented Foods Facts and Recipe Round-up I experimented with fermenting vegetables and it didn't go so well. I'll try again soon. Berry Kombucha Sangria <--Yes, please!

Anyone have experience with Cook Smarts? I'm intrigued but not ready to commit quite yet...


25 Things You Can Recycle That Might Not Know About 15 Habits of Healthy Couples 12 Simple Actions for a More Satisfying Life A Four Word Phrase That Might Change Your Life Stop Keeping Score. Happiness is the True Measure of Success.


8 Things That Trip You Up When Blogging & How To Fix Them 11 Helpful WordPress Plugins How To Write A Professional Social Media Bio Answer one question for your reader: What's in it for them? The Secret To A Gazillion Blog Post Ideas Latest Trends in Headline Creation A really good headline can spike your traffic by 500%. 10 Ways To Get Traffic Like Buzzfeed (Without Paying For It) 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content 44 Things Bloggers Should Be Delegating to Virtual Staff to Catapult Their Online Growth


Marketing, SEO, Social Media + Entrepreneurship

The 10 Worst SEO Practices on the Web <--I see these all too often! 5 Tips To Improve Your SEO The Surprising That Get Content Shared on Social Media How To Start A Profitable Membership Site Step By Step Looking to start a tribe of your own? This will be extremely helpful. 101 Massively Useful Link Building Ideas 5 Twitter Tools to Increase Your Blog Retweets Learn how to make Click-to-Tweet links + more 20 Must-Follow Facebook Resources to Improve Your Page’s Reach Pinterest Releases Guided Search, A Visual Discovery Tool For Mobile Devices "75% of Pinterest usage is on mobile devices, the company is focusing on mobile development." Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your Organic CTR


Fun/Interesting Posts

10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists I'm an obsessive list maker and we all love list blog posts, right? Great info. 34 Ways To Make Your Stuff Last As Long As Possible I already make my own foaming hand soap in the way suggested. I might have to try some of the other ideas!

What do you think about the below infographic? Are Selfies bad?

The Science of Selfies

Created by WebpageFX


What I'm Loving Lately + Scenes from the Week


Destin Florida














My mom and her fiance spent Easter weekend with us. We spent Easter morning chasing large birds on the pier and watching dolphins.  The tree is on the Harbor Walk Village boardwalk and has dolphins and birds carved into it. Somehow I never noticed that before!

Cat Mask









I found the above photo on Tumblr and my fiance managed to track down a similar sleep mask on Etsy and ordered it for me. I love unique gifts like this! 

Fitbit Flex Giveaway

My first giveaway! I'm giving away a Fitbit Flex, and a winner will be chosen tomorrow. You still have time to enter here.

Speaking of fitness, I'm looking to start a fitness routine more intense than the yoga + daily walking I do now. Something I can do from home and something not too expensive. Free would be best! So far I've looked into, P90X,, etc. Any recommendations or experience with those programs?


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