Stitch Fix Review 4: Clothing for an Event

I didn't have the best of luck in my last two Stitch Fix boxes, but I have an event coming up for a client, so I gave it another shot. I loved this fix! I didn't keep everything, but it was still much better than the last two. In the note to my stylist I mentioned that I have a big event coming up in April, so I'd like a few nice pieces to wear. The dress she chose was amazing, and even the more casual pieces can be dressed up for dinners and evening activities. I generally don't like to buy new clothes just for an event, but I'm working on building my intentional wardrobe and needed at least one more dress. I have to dress up for eight days, and this event happens every year, so I know I'll get use out of anything I buy.

stitch fix box4

I love the styling card they include. Not only does it help me with the pieces they send, but it gives me ideas for other outfits with things I may already own. Again, I received navy blue and an orange-ish/dark salmon colored piece, so I guess Stitch Fix is telling me those are my colors!

Here's what I got in my recent Stitch Fix:

stitch fix review box 4

 1. Zad - Azaria Circle Bib and Stone Necklace: It's pretty, and it looked good with the navy blue dress, but it's just not my style. Sent back.

blue dress from stitch fix

blue dress side view2. 41Hawthorn- Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress in Navy Blue: I love this dress! Not only does it fit perfectly, but it's super soft and comfortable. Definitely a keeper.! I will probably pair it with nude heels for my event in April.

orange blouse from stitch fix

orange with blue tights3. 41Hawthorn- 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse in Orange-ish/Dark Salmon: I asked for another shirt shaped like this white one, and this is very close. I love how it can be dressed up or down. It'll be perfect for evening activities during my event, and I know I'll be wearing it all the time in general.

gray ruffle sweater from stitch fix4. Colourworks- Mallory Ruffle Back Open Cardigan: This was really cute and super soft, but I couldn't pay $68 for it. Plus, I already have a similar sweater. I did consider it though! If it were cheaper I probably would have gone for it.

striped casual blazer from stitch fix

back of striped blazer from stitch fix5. Pixley- Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer: I liked the idea of this, but it just didn't work. It was too short or something. It's nice that it could be dressed up or down and is different than anything I own, but I didn't end up keeping it because it didn't look flattering.

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Interested in having your very own personal stylist send clothes to your doorstep? Try Stitch Fix here. It's been a lot of fun so far, even if I haven't loved every piece.

In the Comments:

If you use Stitch Fix, do you ever request pieces for a specific event? If you haven't used Stitch Fix, do you buy new clothes for an event?

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