Sunday Link Love: Solopreneur Tips + Getting Fed Up {June 5}

Health, Fitness + Lifestyle

Stand in the place where you work I've been debating trying a standing desk since I started working from home. What do you think? Have you tried one?

The More You Take Away, The Better It Becomes

Life is looking everywhere for you. Get on the radar. "Blurt stuff out, send the letter, wear that shirt, dance!, make the song, meditate with your eyes open, do what it takes to feel the way you most want to feel. Make a joyful noise. Jump up and down. Love out loud and say, 'Life! I’m here, right over here!'"

The unkind things you tell yourself (+ how to stop) "And if you repeatedly tell yourself you’re not loveable, you’ll start to believe it. You’ll retreat and prevent yourself from being open or accepting love and intimacy, making your negative script a self-fulfilling prophecy."

27 Simple Ways To Recharge Your Batteries My latest post on MindBodyGreen!


Food + Nutrition

7 reasons to be fed up & ready to change our food system Such a good interview! I can't wait to watch the documentary Fed Up.

Why Organic and Conventional Milk Are Not the Same

Good Food, Bad Food, Guilty Food

The Lightest, Fluffiest and Most Cake-Like Pancakes Ever

The Benefits of Meal Planning

10 Reasons Lemon Juice Is a Superfood

What To Bring On Your Flight, So You Never Get Stuck Eating Airport Food Ever Again!


Social Media, SEO + Entrepreneurship

Solo Business Must-Haves What are your must-haves to be a successful entrepreneur?

The Anatomy of an Unforgettable About Page

The Four Reasons You’re Feeling Unmotivated (and the antidotes for each one)

The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links

How Images Help Generate Results

The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media

3 Tricks To Making Your Images More SEO-friendly This is one thing my clients miss out on the most often. Give it a try! Or...hire me to do it for you :-)

How to Apply the Concept of Growth Hacking in Your Solo Business



3 Invaluable Tools for the New Content Marketer If you're a blogger, you're a content marketer.



20 Things People With Bitchy Resting Face Are Tired Of Hearing Strangers are constantly telling me to smile. Ugh!


My life lately...

Paint Nite Carriage House

+ I went to a Paint Nite with my sister and friend (on the right) and went to a Christmas in June party (left). I got to spend some quality time with my cute little niece.

kings gap rainbow

+We took a little family trip to Kings Gap Mansion in Carlisle to do a photo shoot for my website/business and just to look around. The garden was beautiful! The double rainbow was from earlier in the week. This photo doesn't do it justice.

greencastle adventures+My mom and I went to the Pure & Simple cafe in Greencastle on Friday (top). So good! I went to my favorite little yoga studio on Wednesday and hit up the health food store on Thursday. I love this "no lurking" sign.

+Time to fly home tomorrow. It's always so hard to leave family and friends up here, but I'm ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine.


What are your favorite links from the week?


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