How to Save Money on Natural Food + Products: Using Coupons {Part 2}

Earlier this week we looked at meal planning, tracking weekly specials and making your own food and products. If you missed it, see Part 1 of How to Save Money on Natural and Organic Food + Products. Today we're going to look at using coupons, ordering on the internet and using bulk bins to save money.

Using coupons and the internet to save money on natural and organic food and products

Use Coupons

Learning how to search for coupons, use them, stack them, etc. could be a whole post in it's own. Today we'll just focus on the simple aspects you can start practicing right away!

  • Search coupon databases, but don't print everything. Know what you're looking for or what you could stock up on by starting with your meal plan and by glancing at the current week's sales.
  • Use grocery coupon sites to see match-ups and easily access links to coupons. IHeartPublix and KrazyCouponLady are great places to start.
  • Add coupon round-up websites to your blog reader (if you have one), or follow them on Facebook. Here are a few sites to follow for healthy living deals:
  • Printable coupon resources:
  • Ibotta is an app that often has deals for healthy items that you can earn discounts on and get cash back.

 common kindness website

Shop Online, Compare Prices + Buy in Bulk

There are tons of options for saving money online. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Vitacost - Get $10 off your first order with that referral link. There prices are consistently cheaper in general, and they have great customer service and fast shipping.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs - Great resource if you make a lot of your own body products, plus tea, herbs, oils, etc.
  • - Get $10 off your first order with that referral link. They don't always have the products in stock that I'd like, but sometimes they have the lowest prices, so it's worth checking out.
  • Amazon has almost anything you could want to buy, just be careful about who's actually selling it and where it's being shipped from.
  • Use smartphone apps from these websites to compare prices while you're in the store. For example, if I see my favorite face lotion on sale in target, I'll compare the price with Vitacost and Amazon.
  • Buy in bulk online or in the health food store. This saves money on your most commonly used items, plus wastes less packaging! Buying from the bulk bins can also be convenient if you only need a little bit of something for a recipe.

avalon organics

Part 1: How to Save Money on Natural and Organic Food + Products

What are your favorite ways to save? Please share in the comments below!


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