We're All Composed of the Same Matter

I like this quote from John Green so much I wanted to use it again and expand on my previous post. [Tweet "What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person - John Green"]

Your idol? A person. The CEO you fear? A person. The co-worker you hate? A person. The one you're madly in love with? A person. The homeless person begging on the street? A person.

Everyone is fighting a battle no matter how they show it. Those you idolize do not have powers you don't. [Tweet "We're all people composed of the same matter."]

As children we were taught not to act as if we're better than others. We aren't often taught to look at it from the other perspective, though. We think we're not good enough, smart enough or talented enough to achieve our ultimate dreams and live like those we admire. Or we develop crippling fear from high-stress work environments where we become afraid of our "superiors."

Give it some thought. Are you showing enough compassion to those who are struggling? Are you mistakenly fearing those you shouldn't?



Danielle Zeigler

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