Sunday Link Love: Tampa, Inflammation + Content {Aug v4}

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My Life Lately...

352 Tampa Office

+ I had a fun little trip to Tampa to learn about marketing automation. The 352 office is great and they were very welcoming. The Hilton Hotel I stayed in was lovely + our business dinner at Ocean Prime was delicious.

+ Unfortunately I had trouble sleeping Monday night, so I did an hour of yoga in my hotel room, read and wrote. I forgot my laptop charger like an amateur, so I couldn't get any work done.

coopershawk winery

+ Tuesday night my client/contractor/boss (my large contracting job) and I went to Cooper's Hawk Winery + Restaurant. It was SO good and there were so many great wine choices. Above, I tried the Moscato (my usual favorite), sparkling raspberry and a blueberry wine. I went with the blueberry and brought a bottle home.

+ I was supposed to fly out on Thursday but changed my ticket for Wednesday afternoon. I like traveling and liked that Hilton bed, but nothing replaces my bed at home. I could have driven back to Crestview faster than it took me to fly from Tampa, but whatever. I got a lot of work done and spent some time meditating and reflecting in the airport. Everyone was so angry + impatient (me included, at first), so it gave me a lot to think and write about.

allie 7 months

+ Next up we're headed to PA for a few days. I love that my fiance is up for an 18 hour road trip at the drop of a hat (as long as he's feeling alright). I can't wait to see that little nugget pictured above!

+ My Dad finalized plans to come down to Florida at Thanksgiving. It'll be his first time visiting since I moved south 4 years ago, so it's exciting!

+ I spent way too much time looking through work out tanks today on this site. Some are really stupid and some I don't understand (am I that old?) but these are awesome:




































What are your favorite links from the week? How are you winding down the summer?

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