DIY Vanilla Sugar Body Scrubs (Easy Homemade Gift Ideas)

Last year my sister made a homemade body scrub for my other sister's baby shower. It smelled so good and worked really well. I've been meaning to start making my own ever since. So last week while I was supposed to be packing for my trip to CA, I decided to make these instead! It's amazing what I'll get into to avoid packing. The scrub we gave as a party favor was made with brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla. We put it in baby food jars to make it extra cute. (I say we but most of this was the brilliant work of my sister Diana, who is an excellent party planner!)

I didn't have any brown sugar on hand, but I did have a 3 year old bag of organic sugar, so that's what I used. It works great, but doesn't smell as good as the brown sugar. It also wasn't as soft as brown sugar, so that might be something to consider if you have sensitive skin. I have super dry skin that does well with a little extra jagged-ness.

The basic recipe for any body scrubs: 2 parts sugar, brown sugar or sea salt 1 part carrier oil (such as olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil) Extras such as vanilla, essential oils, vitamin E oils, coffee grounds, etc.

I got the measurements for my scrubs from Wellness Mama and then cut everything in half. I am not claiming these recipes to be my own. Please visit the Wellness Mama site and see all of her brilliant natural body care recipes that inspire me!

Easy Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrubs

CheapEasy to makeFree from potentially harmful chemicalsLeave skin feeling soft + smooth

Basic Vanilla Sugar Scrub: 1/2 cup sugar or brown sugar 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 tsp vanilla

Relaxing Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub 1/2 cup sugar or brown sugar 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/4 tsp vanilla 4 drops lavender essential oil

Which scrub is better? I like the smell of the coconut based scrub better, but the basic vanilla scrub is easier to use. The coconut oil hardens at room temperature, so you have to warm it up and mix the whole tub over again. The basic vanilla scrub doesn't have much of a scent but it's super easy to use and my skin was smooth and soft for days (which is RARE for my face). For both, I love that I can use them all over and they leave my skin super soft, so I don't have to use lotion after my shower!

Storage Options: While I generally like to store things in glass containers, I found (from experience with the baby food jars above) that water, oil and glass don't always make a good combo. I'm a known clutz, so maybe it's just me, but I decided to err on the safe side and go with plastic this time. It doesn't look as pretty for pictures, but that's okay. I'd rather not have to clean up a shower full of glass and sugar again.

 What's your favorite homemade gift to make and give?


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