Travel Tips + Hidden Healthy Gems in Greencastle, PA

One of the best perks of working for yourself is location freedom. My fiance and I live in Florida while all of my family and most of his lives in Pennsylvania. I've had a few opportunities over the past year to work from PA and spend time with family (we welcomed a new nephew and niece!), which I'm extremely grateful for. Being away from home and your normal routine can be rough, though. I find myself eating too many indulgent foods, not drinking enough water and not getting enough exercise. I usually stay with my mom for part of the trip in this very small town named Greencastle. I've been shocked by the healthy and affordable options they have, so I wanted to share! These are some of the ways I stayed somewhat on track and somewhat sane during my super-packed trip.

Pure and Simple Organic Cafe

The cafe has a variety of food, smoothies, juices, gluten free and raw desserts. They also sell a few health items like coconut oil and digestive enzymes. I was so happy to see this place bustling with customers. My favorite treat was the Raw F.R.O.G. smoothie, which I ended up getting 3 times while I was in town. In the photos below are a free-range egg salad wrap and a vegetarian taco salad. Both were delicious!

pure and simple organic cafe

pure and simple organic cafe food

Alternative Choices Health Food + Supplement Store

This is hidden back behind the organic cafe. The women working there are extremely nice and helpful, and they have a huge selection for such a small place. They have everything ranging from supplements to food and body care and make up items. Keep in mind the closest big health food store (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc.) are no less than 1.5 hours away and the closest store with decent options (Giant) is still 20 minutes away, so this is pretty awesome. I also loved the "No Lurking" sign.

alternative choices health food store

Balance Yoga & Wellness Studio

This is my favorite yoga studio! The prices are excellent and there are a lot of fun classes to choose from. I spent some time talking with the owner, Tricia, the last time I went in and hope to have her guest post on the blog within the next few months. I love learning about how wellness entrepreneurs got started. Plus, she's a lot of fun! If you're in the area, make it a point to stop by the studio.

balance yoga and wellness

Travel Tips:

  • Whether you're flying or driving, pack your own snacks. You can easily take things like bananas, apples, Lara bars, almonds, etc. on an airplane.
  • Hydrate! Drink extra water throughout your trip. It may be tempting to drink less to avoid restrooms, but it's not worth it.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible and don't touch your face.
  • Don't be the jerk who can't fit their bag in the overhead.
  • Drink restorative teas, Emergen-C, green food powders, cold-pressed juices, etc. during and after your trip.
  • Stretch or practice yoga after sitting for so long.
  • I don't work during travel days. They're hectic enough.
  • Research your destination + hit up the grocery store for fresh produce.
  • Take lavender essential oil + melatonin to fight jet lag.
  • Pack make-up, medicines + possibly a change of clothes in your carry-on just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Take a sweatshirt, sweater, shawl, etc. on the plane in case it's cold or to use as a pillow.
  • Download a few audio books before a road trip so you have options.
How do survive traveling? What's your favorite hidden gem you've found at your travel destination?

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