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I LOVE my Fitbit Flex and am so happy to be able to share the love with my readers. I had my eye on the Fitbit bands for over a year before purchasing the Flex. Around Christmas, Lindsay posted a review and giveaway. Unfortunately I didn't win the giveaway, but it did inspire me to buy one. I had been using a free pedometer app on my phone, but I kept forgetting to keep my phone on me. The Fitbit is styled like a bracelet, so it's always with you. It's even water resistant!

Fitbit Flex by your side

It's come in very handy. I work at home on my computer all day, so I knew I wasn't getting enough steps every day. With the ease of syncing it to my phone, I can now track my daily steps and "very active minutes" to make sure I'm staying active. Plus, I love the challenge of trying to beat my previous accomplishments. Each week I try to get more and more steps. I use the "silent alarm" (vibrating) feature to remind myself to get up and move every hour. I usually end up stretching and running in place for 5-10 minutes. It's a great way to get the blood flowing and get your daily steps!

Fitbit Flex Goals

Tracking sleep is also a neat feature. I'm a very light sleeper and tend to have trouble sleeping when I'm stressed (who doesn't?) so it was interesting to watch my patterns. You can put it on "extra sensitive" for a more accurate picture of your sleep habits. Mine wasn't so pretty! At least it's a reminder to work on getting better quality sleep, which is extremely important.

Fitbit Flex Sleep Review

The Fitbit Flex syncs with your smart phone and computer through bluetooth settings (and a small plugin for your computer.) I've become a little too obsessed with checking my steps, but it is handy to be able to see all your stats even if you're not at home.

Fitbit Flex Sync

My mom and her fiance recently got Fitbit Flexes, too. They use the food tracking ability and love it. They've both lost weight since buying them! It's also fun to compete with weekly step counts. You can add friends who have Fitbit devices and cheer them on, chat through the app and compare steps. Don't worry, your weight and goals aren't visible to your friends!

Friends on Fitbit Flex


Now to the fun part! A few weeks ago I lost my Fitbit Flex. It flew off of my wrist and couldn't be found anywhere.  I was pretty upset, so I contacted their customer service and asked if there was anything I could do. They sent a list of helpful tips, such as setting an alarm through the app and listening for it in various locations. My fiance and I cleaned every inch of our apartment and couldn't find it. Fitbit customer service was nice enough to send me a new Fitbit Flex as a one-time courtesy. Of course, the day before the new one arrived, I found my old one (in my underwear drawer of all places?!). We planned to keep it just in case I lost this one again, but I decided this would be a better idea.

Fitbit isn't sponsoring this giveaway, but this is a product I truly love and recommend. Their customer service is awesome, too! I'm giving away the brand new Fitbit Flex with black band. It comes with a small and large band so you're sure to have one that fits.

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