3 Ways Physical Activity Helps Your Business + Fabletics Activewear Review

The importance of health while building your business is kinda my thing. Because I strongly believe that when you feel your best, you'll do your best. My motivation comes and goes just like everyone else, but there are little things I do to keep going. When I'm active and eating mostly whole foods, I definitely notice a boost in my productivity and really, my mood overall.

Today I want to touch briefly on the ways physical activity can help your business, then introduce you to a lovely new brand of activewear I've fallen in love with.

3 Ways Physical Activity Helps Your Business

  1. Improve alertness + mental focus by increasing blood flow to the brain
  2. Increase energy to accomplish your goals
  3. Better handle stress, while decreasing feelings of depression + anxiety

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Fabletics Activewear Review

Lately I've found myself in workout clothing about 75% of the time. Since I've started CrossFit and have continued yoga (plus work from home), I decided it was time to invest in some higher quality gear.

I've heard great things about Fabletics and it did not disappoint! In fact, I'm very impressed and have been telling everyone.

Fabletics is Kate Hudson's line of activewear. Each style fits flawlessly and is designed with the most high-performing, quality materials.

The sign-up promotions change every so often, but when I signed up the offer was to get your first outfit for $19.98 with free shipping. (Now, February 2018, the offer is for 2 leggings for $24.) Then I signed up for the VIP membership because you get up to 40% off, personalized recommendations each month, and there's no commitment to buy. So there's really no risk!

Psst... use my affiliate link to get 2 leggings for just $24! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT FABLETICS

Here's a breakdown of what I got in my first two orders:

Pryor Tank Fabletics
Pryor Tank Fabletics

Items 1 + 2: Pryor Tank + Camacan Capri in Black/Pop Pink Stripe

For my first order ($19.98) I chose these capri pants and black tank. As soon as I put the capris on I knew I was in love. They're made for maximum compression, so they're tight, but they're still flattering and comfortable. It's exactly what I was looking to wear for CrossFit so they wouldn't move around. Having to stop to adjust pants is the worst.

I didn't get a good picture of the back, so here's the one on the site:

Fabletics Pryor Tank
Fabletics Pryor Tank

It's loose fitting, so it's not the most flattering, but I prefer workout tops to be loose. It's comfortable and I've worn it a few times to workout already.

The next tank isn't loose, but I still love it.

Items 3 + 4: Kenyon Tank + Salar Leggings in Dark Plum

I love the detail on the back of the tank, and the material quality for both is excellent.

The leggings are maximum compression like the capris I mentioned above. So they stay in place whether I'm doing yoga or CrossFit.

Item 5: Freya Long-sleeved Top

This is the main reason I placed a second order with Fabletics, immediately after receiving my first outfit. I had been eyeing this top the first time but held off. After I got the first order and loved it (along with finding out my sizing guess was correct) I ordered this before it sold out.

I love the versatility of the Freya top. In fact, the first time I wore this involved a late night cartwheel on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh. You just never know when you'll need to be active.

I highly recommend taking a look at the website and at least trying one outfit. You can't beat the price.

Fabletics did not sponsor this post, but they do have an affiliate program. If anyone orders through my affiliate link, I'll receive $20. So check it out, place an order, and set up your own affiliate link! You'll love it that much.


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