#Elf4Health Week Two Roundup

I'm playing along with the Elf for Health Challenge this year, hosted by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from According to Elle. I watched along last year and it looked like so much fun. Well, I was right! We already have a great community on Facebook and my elf for the first half has been very supportive. Everyone is dedicated to staying healthy during the holidays.

Here's my roundup of week one, which was sponsored by Cook Smarts. Week two is sponsored by Sweaty Betty.

Monday: Send a hand-written note

handwritten note

I made this as an anniversary present a few years ago, and my fiance and I take turns writing little notes on it. We haven't used it for awhile, so I decided this was a good opportunity! We both think it's important to continue little showings of love and affection (despite being together for 7+ years).

Tuesday: Eat the rainbow! Aim for at least 3 colors at each meal.

eat the rainbow


I added frozen blueberries + cherries to my morning oatmeal and a banana on the side. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. This challenge was harder than it sounds.

Wednesday: Go makeup free today

no makeup

I loved this challenge! It was so great to see dozens of women posting pictures of themselves at work with no makeup and opening up about how much of a challenge it was.

Thursday: Workout with a buddy

buddy workout

I went to the gym with my usual workout buddy, Irina. I wouldn't normally post a picture of myself looking like a stripper, but Irina caught this picture of me stretching, and I'm excited that the hard work is starting to pay off! It might be hard to tell, but I'm starting to see more muscle definition.

Friday: Leave an operation beautiful note

operation beautiful


I was two days late on this one, but on Sunday I left three Operation Beautiful notes at the grocery store. It was super busy so I felt like creep sneaking notes and pictures haha.

Saturday: Clean out your fridge and pantry.

fridge and pantry cleanoutI spent a few hours cleaning on Saturday while catching up on some Lively Show podcasts. I cleaned the fridge, freezer, pantry, 2 cabinets + under the sink. I was on a roll, so I also cleaned the fans in my apartment and my makeup brushes (things I hate doing).

Sunday: Make a list of 20 things you're grateful for

grateful collageI made a little collage for 20 things I'm grateful for including my home, family, friends and career.


The Elf For Health challenge has been fun so far! I'm glad I participated.

Have you ever tried an online challenge? Follow along on my instagram account.




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