#Elf4Health Week One Roundup

I'm playing along with the Elf for Health Challenge this year, hosted by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from According to Elle. I watched along last year and it looked like so much fun. Well, I was right! We already have a great community on Facebook and my elf for the first half has been very supportive. Everyone is dedicated to staying healthy during the holidays.

Monday: Participate in Meatless Monday

oatmealMy favorite meal for Meatless Monday was this delicious oatmeal! Oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a spoonful of almond butter, 1/2 an apple, flax seed + cinnamon.

Tuesday: Unsubscribe from at least 3 junk emails

I've been pretty good about unsubscribing from emails this year, but was still excited for the challenge. I unsubscribed from at least six emails, most of which were clothing companies. If I don't see the discounts, I won't be tempted to spend money on clothes I don't need! I'm still trying to shop for clothes intentionally.

Lindsay and Elle recommended the site Unroll.me to help unsubscribe from emails. I've used this before and it's super helpful! You can either unsubscribe or condense emails into a daily digest from Unroll.me.


Wednesday: Try a new workout

silly gym picture

My friend Irina and I hit up the gym on Wednesday morning. We went to a different location which had a bunch of new (to me) machines, so it counted as a new workout! We celebrated a hard workout with some silly gym pictures.

I could hardly walk the next day from focusing on legs, glutes and abs, but it felt good!

Thursday: Share a book, blog, podcast, etc.

The only podcast I've been able to get into: The Lively Show Favorite fiction author: John Green Recently finished book: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy WorldBlog I'm into lately: The Minimalist Baker

Friday: Try a vegetable smoothie or juice

I shared my go-to green smoothie with the group and my elf.

reindeer green smoothie tranquil2I whipped up a different green smoothie with things I had in my fridge, but made sure it was a combination I've never tried before (involved pomegranate seeds + lemonade). It turned out great! Recipe to come.

Saturday: Treat yourself (Treat yo' self)


We picked my dad up Saturday afternoon. It's his first time visiting me in Florida, so we treated ourselves to a hotel room with a nice view. We stopped at our favorite Irish pub for a late lunch. Lots of "treating ourselves" so far! Thankfully the weather is beautiful too.

Sunday: Meal Prep

food prep

Since I'm on a mini vacation this Sunday I didn't do any food prep. Here's my food prep from last week though! I used this video to get the pomegranate seeds out because I had never done it myself.


The Elf For Health challenge has been fun so far! I'm glad I participated.

Have you ever tried an online challenge?



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