Why Donuts Are Critical to Weight Loss

Today's post is from Kelli Preston, a holistic health coach and licensed aesthetician. When she approached me with the idea of "why donuts are critical to weight loss" I immediately said yes. I agree 100% with her views on a healthy balance and why deprivation is not the key to weight loss. Plus, as a health coach myself, this is in line with my special interest in helping those with eating disorders and weight loss struggles.


Yes, you read that right.

We all have our “No way, Jose”  foods….we just would never and if we did then watch out world ‘cause the wild animal has just been set free.

The day is ruined.

You might as well eat three more donuts, get the pizza you’ve been dreaming of and polish off the bag of chips innocently sitting on your pantry shelf because “DIET STARTS TOMORROW.”

The thing with “diet starts tomorrow” is if said diet does not include the edible that releases the wild animal then you can probably count on uttering that phrase every other week FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE without losing a pound and most likely picking up a few more along the way.


What if you took the charge off of that innocent donut.  After all, it is just a DONUT and you love him. I mean really love him. What if you consume him when you crave him or at least give yourself permission to do so?

Why this works:

  1. Permission often leads to a decreased desire for Mr. Do-not. The more off limits something is the more desire there is for it. We are all wired, to some degree, to want what we can’t have.
  2. Honor your craving by making space for it through moving a little more that day, abstaining from other indulgences and pumping up your veggie intake. This takes the what-the-hell-effect out the equation.
  3. Consuming with permission rather than rebellion takes the punishment out of the equation. Instead of your enjoyment being hijacked with thoughts like “I should not be doing this”  “I’m weak” “here we go again” “I’m never going to lose weight”  you are fully immersed in his sugary, buttery, carb loaded, wonderful-ness as you dunk it in your Saturday morning coffee.  You are in full-on savoring mode.

You know what savoring leads to…


You know what satisfaction leads to…


You know what no more binges leads to…

No more days ruined/ wasted/ lost.

You know what no more ruined/ wasted/ lost days leads to….

No diets starting tomorrow.

Nope.  You get to live your life.  You get to literally have your cake and eat it too.

This can feel like a tricky strategy to employ at first.  Especially if you have spent the better half of your life counting calories and carbs, however the sustainability and success rate is far higher.

Allowing for more dietary freedom in your weight loss and health endeavors takes the willpower and white knuckles out of the picture.

Willpower is a finite resource it runs out and ALL diets are powered by this one resource from one degree to another, which is why the success rate for diets is so low.

Freedom is an infinite resource, the more you utilize and trust in your inner knowing to guide you, the more momentum it generates.

It seems more efficient to build your weight loss and plan around a strategy that has fuel for the long haul rather than one that needs a gas station every couple of miles.   No?



kelli preston health coachKelli is a health coach and aesthetician who understands the paralysis acne, diet and exercise can have on a person as she lived this way for many years. She believes that one’s ability to achieve glowing skin, obtain and maintain their goal weight is a compilation of many factors.  She gets women to their clear skin goals through creating customized skin care regimes and to their weight loss goals through getting to the root of the cookie binge with less rules and more fun.

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