Friday Inspiration: Diamond is Just a Piece of Charcoal

"A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well." - Unknown I'm wrapping up an exceptionally challenging week. Each year a client I contract for hosts a huge sales meeting for our 200+ representatives. This is the third year I've attended the events. While the meetings are fun, the week typically requires 80+ hours of work, plus constant socializing, which exhausts my introverted self.

What I keep in mind, though, is that everyone has stress. I could complain about how hard my week was, or be thankful for the opportunity and learn from the hard work.


Danielle Zeigler

I'm Danielle, an SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist on a mission to help creatives and entrepreneurs harness their strengths, personality, and energy to easily + authentically market their work to exactly the people who need it.
I specialize in SEO and content marketing as ways to attract clients TO you. I'm extremely introverted, so I'm allll about the inbound marketing!