5 Blogs I'm Loving Lately

I love getting inspiration from other bloggers. Here are 5 that I've been really into lately, everything from business tips to vegetarian meal plans.  

XOSarah Business Blog







+Great blogging + entrepreneur tips for various levels +Love the site design and her portfolio looks amazing



Oh My Veggies Blog






+Beautiful design and food photography +Weekly meatless meal plans



Sarah Wilson Blog








+Creator of the "I Quit Sugar" program and ebooks - great recipes +Posts on auto-immune disease, blogging, life, etc. She touches on anxiety often, which I can definitely relate with.




Live with intention






+All about living intentionally- making smart choices with meaning +Wallpapers, design photos, etc. on top of great life and business advice


Smart Pretty Awkward Advice






+Advice on how to be + act smarter, prettier and less awkward. Very unique blog. I can always use advice on being less awkward!



What great blogs or websites have you discovered lately? Share in the comments!


Danielle Zeigler

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